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I Am Not A Gay: Season 1 Episode 4

After the wedding shit
You know what next
The wedding night
After he tried to kiss me in the church I can’t just trust this guy anymore
If he tries to touch me I will break every living bone in his body
He walked into the room still dressed in his wedding suit
He glares at me and looks Away before removing his jacket
“Why are you removing that ‘ I asked
‘can’t a man remove his cloth in his room’ he asked
‘seriously you call yourself a man’ i said
‘yea so?’
‘why will you call yourself a man, i mean you a man’
‘like you are a lady’ he said
‘what’ I said as I stood on my feet and moved close to him
He was taller than me but who cares I like daring people bigger than me
He has strong muscular build but that did not intimidate me at all
‘I mean you insulted me just now cause I look like a girl, tell me don’t you have a mirror in your house uhn….. I feel like the gay people actually call me cause I just got married to my fellow man’ he said
‘waw thanks for the compliments now shut up’ I said
‘if you take it as a compliment whatever and don’t tell me what to do in my house , I shut up only when I want to’ I said
She took a pillow and a duvet and placed it on the couch
“Atleast you are smart enough to know that you are meant to sleep on the couch ‘
She laughed and said’ you think i will sleep on the couch… That is for you sleep on it ‘
‘ what you can’t just walk into my room and try to steal my bed from me ‘
‘ I am your wife ‘
That sounds wierd but I need it to annoy him anyway
‘ my wife?…. ‘
‘ yes your wife, if you are not happy with sleeping on the couch then leave the room ‘I said
‘ you think I will sleep with you in the same room if I had a choice? ‘
‘ sleep on the couch then ‘I said as I slept on the bed and pulled the duvet over my head
I am 100% sure he has the urge to kille right now but who cares
I already said am gonna make this marriage living hell for him
And am never gonna go back on my word
I went to sleep that night and the next day I woke up and turned to my left
I saw jungle sleeping on the couch
He looked like some kind of angel while sleeping
The duvet And pillow he used was on the floor
I must have made him uncomfortable
I don’t think he has ever slept on the couch
One of my good qualities is helping others
Once I see someone in need of my help I render it to them
I slowly pulled the duvet off me and walked over to him
I looked at him for awhile before picking up the pillow, I slowly lifted his head put the pillow under it and gently placed his head on it
I picked up the duvet and covered it him with it
I turned my back to leave but then he held my wrist and said ‘are you trying to take advantage of me in my sleep’
‘take advantage of you… The hell you talking about’ I said as I turned to face him
He sat down on the couch and said
‘I am way to hot and sexy for you that you decided to take advantage of me in my sleep’
‘is it wierd that I have the urge to punch you in the face right now’
He smiled and shrugged
Even his smile is angelic

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This girl ain’t bad
She is kind of pretty
I mean she is not like other girls who wears heavy makeup and she looks extremely pretty
Very pretty
But i still don’t like her
She is nothing but a delinquent
She walked away looking annoyed and slept on my bed again covering herself with the comforter.. How dare she kick me out of my bed and enjoy sleeping on it
I walked over to her, removed the duvet, grabbed her by the leg and pulled her off the bed making her fall on the floor
‘hey’ she shouted as she stood on her feet to punch me but I caught her hand
‘before you kill me let me Atleast say what i am about to say, there is a press conference today where I wi be introducing you as my wife to the world, you have to get ready for that’ I said while she was struggling to remove her hand from my grip
She thinks she can beat me up the way she beat other guys up
I let go of her and she said ‘what if I do not want to’
‘then you don’t get paid’ I said
She sighed and sat down on the bed while I went to the closet
‘I willl get ready’
‘great put this on’ I said as I threw clothes on her
‘you seriously expect me to wear this’ she said showing me the cloth
‘yes’ I said as I walked out of the room
The meeting is still few hours away so she has all the time in the world to prepare
After some hours I walked into my room that she has taken over actually and saw her dressed in a black sexy jumpsuit
She Actually looked hot and attractive in this outfit
I gave her black stiletto shoes to put on
‘you actually expect me wear this’
‘yea put it on’
‘don’t tell me you actually gonna put on sneakers again like you did on our wedding day’
‘you saw that’ she asked.
‘yes I did… Now put this on ‘ i said
She sat down on the bed and put on the shoes
She placed her hand on the table for support while trying to stand on her feet
‘how do girls walk in this death sentence’ she said trying to walk in it
I couldn’t help but laugh
This is actually very funny
‘hey why you laughing, come over here and help me’
I walked over to her
‘why should I help you’
’cause am doing this to help you’ she said
‘you doing this to help yourself, you need me as much as I need you, no wait you need my money’
She wanted to fall down but I caught her by the waist
‘hey… Do not touch me there’ she said as she tried to push me away
‘okay whatever’ I said as I let go of her waist and she fell on the floor
‘hey jungle comeback here and help me with this torture’ she said but Ignored her as I walked towards the door but then something hit the back of my head and I turned back to see what it was
‘you threw your shoe at me’ i said
‘come help me’
‘asking as I can touch you where ever I want’ I said
‘just come over here’ she said as I walked over to her
I made her put on the shoes again as I helped her up holding her by the waist
‘must you hold me there’
‘that is where I want’
‘people like you are the reason why I have this’ she said showing me the middle finger
‘waw baby you look super sexy when you upset’
‘O.M.G are yuu flirting with me right now’
‘if that what you call it then okay’ I said

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‘I hate you’ she said

‘I hate you more’ I replied

…………… To be continued……………..

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