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I Am Not A Gay: Season 1 Episode 3

Is this what my life has become?
I have to get a life for my brothers and I
I think it high time I stop picking pockets
It high time I stop doing that
I walked out of my room the second morning only to see the man that came to our house the previous day in the house again
‘what is your decision’ he asked
‘I will agree to this on one condition’ I said
‘and what is that’ he asked
‘if my brothers are going to be living in the same house with me then I will agree to this’ I said
He looked at me for awhile and said
My brothers and I were very happy
I can’t go anywhere without them
I can’t live them behind and get married to my fellow girl sorry mean boy

‘let go and see the boss now’ he said
‘okay’ I said as we all walked out of the house and got into his fancy car
We arrived at a very big mansion with lot of cars and servants
I have only seen houses like this from a distance
Have never actually entered one before
‘Waw Is this heaven ‘i said as we entered the main building
‘ i think we Actually in heaven ‘my brother said
We were told to sit in the living room and after some minutes the maid took us to a big room in the mansion where I saw a beautiful grandma she is trully the woman my brother and I helped that day
and also the most beautiful man in the world was sitting on a sofa as he fixed his eyes on me
People are not wrong for calling him a gay I mean why does he have this girl like beauty
He is not my type of man anyway
On a second thought I think i can have some fun right now
‘you are grandmother right, nice to meet you again ma’ m’I said
‘waw you really are a very beautiful girl so min right?’
‘yea am so min’ I said
‘I heard you finally agreed to my proposal’ she said
‘yes ma’m’i said
‘ good this is my….. ‘she could not finish what she was about to say before interrupted
‘ your granddaughter right, O. M. G she is so beautiful ‘I said as my brother, grandma and the man that brought me here tried to hold in their laughter
I can say jungle sorry I mean jung woo does not find my joke funny at all but who cares I want it to offend him anyway
‘ you have a very beautiful granddaughter ma’ m so tell me where is your grandson ‘I asked
‘ I am her grandson ‘he said looking upset
He might have a girly face but his voice is very manly
And his body not bad
Very hot
‘ ohhhhhh am sorry i thought you were a lady ‘I said trying to sound like I was sorry and newsflash I am not
‘ so the wedding is tomorrow ‘grandma said
‘ tomorrow but I thought it still gonna take a week or something ‘I said
‘ hey do you want the money or not ‘he asked
‘ hey you listen…… ‘mark squeezed my hand softly telling me to shut up
I guess I will just have to wait till we are married before I rip his head off
I am so gonna make life a living hell for him
That my evil laugh
That day my brother and I were given a room to sleep in
This is the first time sleeping in such luxury
I want to stay here not for a year but forever
But who cares once the deal is over my brother and I willl have enough money to get a good house and finally get a life
We gonna be so rich


‘But ma’ m why her of all people ‘the man I sent to bring somin who happens to be my P. A asked
‘ well can’t you see there is something special about her and I have a feeling that she is the one who can make jung woo a better person ‘i said
‘ her, she is a delinquent who has gone to jail 2 times,here the way she talks, the way she behaves, she is nothing but a street a girl’he said
‘Do not judge a book by it cover , you have to look beyond what you see with the ordinary eyes’ I said ‘my instincts can never be wrong, I am sure that girl will succeed in making my jung woo a better person’

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The next day i had to get ready for my fake wedding
Not looking forward to it
I was dressed in a stupid wedding gown
I mean i have never put on a gown before
It so long and it keeps trying to make me fall
I hate this dress
‘ma’ m let me apply some make up ‘
‘ put makeup on my face and I will break your arms ‘I said as she slowly moves away from me
She was smart enough to know am crazy
‘ look at you my dear sister, you look so beautiful ‘mark said
‘ I never knew you will get married some day… I am so proud of you ‘he said fake crying
‘ stop the drama you know it fake wedding ‘i said.
‘ but who cares we have to act like we care about this wedding ‘mark said
‘ yea drama ‘caleb said
‘ you guys are tee worst get the heck out of my way ‘I said as I hold my long gown up with my hands
‘ you wearing sneakers under the gown ‘caleb said
‘ what you think i will wear that ‘I said pointing at the high heel white shoes
‘ Just make sure no one sees that under the long gown… You getting married to one of the world richest business man no one will be pleased to see his wife wearing sneakers under a wedding gown ‘mark said
‘ screw what people think’I said as I walked out of the room covering my sneakers with the gown
After few hours, I arrived at the church with my brother holding my hand as he handed me over to my gay husband
Reporters were present
This wedding is just for publicity
So everyone can change their mind about jungle being a gay..
Jungle glared at me while I glared back
He thinks he is the only one who knows how to glare


“Do you kim jung woo take somin u as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?” the priest asked
‘ yes’ I answered
“Do you park somin take kim jung woo as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?”
‘yea sure whatever’ she answered
I can’t believe my grandma is forcing me to marry this criminal
This tomboy
‘you may now kiss the bride’ the priest said
‘you not gonna kiss me are you’ she said looking irritated
‘Do I look like am interested in kissing you’ I said
‘I know right you a gay so you not interested in girls’ she said
‘okay listen up delinquent nobody is interested in kissing you’
‘but why was your mouth moving close to mine’ she asked
’cause he told me to kiss you, don’t you know you should respect a man of God’ I said
‘oh really you could have just ignored him but you were gonna kiss me ‘
‘ummm guys people are watching’ caleb said as he whispered to us
‘whatever’ I said
I am gonna make her life living hell

I wonder what they are talking about
I looked to my right and saw a very pretty woman
Well take a look at that
I stood on my feet and walked towards her as I sat down next to her and started crying
‘what wrong ‘ she asked
‘well my sister is finally getting married today, it just so emotional’ I said
‘oh really…. Am so sorry’ she said
‘you don’t mind if I rest my head on your shoulder and cry do you’ I asked
‘yea.. Sure no problem’ she said
I placed my head on her shoulder
Men am enjoying this
I said as I fake my tears
I am the womanizer in the family
I see a pretty girl and I get her

Now I am married to this guy
I am gonna make his life terrible
Evil laugh

………….. To be continued…………..

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