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I Am Female Military Personnel In Love With A Civilian But He Isn’t Reciprocating (What Should Do?)

Please, kindly ignore any grammatical error.
I am a female military personnel dating a civilian in a distance relationship, I’m naturally clingy in a relationship.

I love attention a lot, but my guy is always claiming busy at work (well understood) but when he’s off from work he doesn’t give me a satisfying attention because it’s either he’s sleeping, wants to prepare something to eat or already out chilling with a friend and whenever I call.

When he’s out, he will tell me he’s in a noisy place and can’t talk till he gets home. So, most times I stay awake till 11 pm to get to speak with him before going to bed.

I always feel pretty lonely because I’m an introvert, I don’t have friends. I really wish to keep another man to serve as a distraction, but I find it difficult to because I love him wholeheartedly and can only love one man at a time.

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I cry every time begging for his attention yet no changes, I feel ashamed that I can’t have a grip over my emotions.

Right now, I am seriously fade up I don’t know what to do any more, I have talked and talked but all fell on blocked ears.

He doesn’t even feel remorse whenever I complain, he rather defends himself and gives justifications for his actions and even blame me for being inconsiderate and that if I can’t cope I should go because he’s tired of my incessant complaints.

I feel sucked in this relationship because I find it difficult to call it quit.

I begged him to call it a quit, but he said he can’t do it, that I can go if that’s what I want.

Please Advise Me On What To Do Because I’m Dying Slowly.

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