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Hush – Season 4 Episode 7 [Completed]

Episode 7



Jason: I quite understand and I’m forever grateful to you. And, you are

still my son, never forget that…

( He went to hug Jason, while crying)


Jerry: Bankole, please, tell us how you got to know that story…


Bankole: James, remember the relative you and your mother were living with?

Before you were thrown out?


James: yes, yes, anty Chima and uncle Gbade, her husband.


Bankole: well, I am Gbade’s brother, leaving with them at the time. I was

there when Amaka was telling them her story. I fell in love with her but

she never looked my side. After sometime, she had cancer and she couldn’t

move about much. I used the opportunity to……….to


Jason: to do what? (He shouted)


Bankole: to rape her


Jason rushed to him, James rushed to him, Ade and Jerry followed them.

Jason and James started beating, kicking and slapping him. James took a

glass cup from the table to hit it on his head but Jerry and Ade held his

hand. He started crying and Jason held him, crying also. ( It’s okay my

son, yes I know you are my son… No mistake about that. I’m sorry for all

you had to go through. It’s all my fault. I’m so sorry, my dear boy. What a

fine young man you are. “) ( Don’t say that sir, I now understand it wasn’t

your fault but like mother used to say, in all things, we should give glory

to God. What if you had died? Let’s just thank God)


Bridget: woman wrapper.. dem swear for you?


Bankole: after she died, brother Gbade told me he has found the rich man

that impregnated Amaka but he doesn’t want him to be more successful than

our children. He was the one who told me that we should send one of our

children as Mr Jason’s son. But his wife, Chima, did not accept and we know

she will be a problem for us, so we left the idea. Fortunately for us she

died not long after and we were able to send James out. Tolani was in

school then and I had to wait till he graduated before telling him. I never

knew the same man sponsored my son through school. I am very sorry. Greed

made me do this. You know what again? I have slept with your wife several

times. She is too loose. Just like a dog. She lacked moral..


“See who is talking? Kettle calling pot black!! Are we not same? ” Bridget



Jerry: shameless people.. you, Alex, why did you try to hit him with a car?

Someone that fed you, clothed you and housed you… You are just too wicked.


Alex: I’m sorry. It’s devil’s work ooo.. I saw him one day at the hotel

lobby, that was how I knew he wasn’t dead and I’ve been watching him ever

since. I got my opportunity on that morning to crush him to death but he

was saved by Ade. But I’m sorry, such won’t happen again.


Jerry: of course, such won’t happen again because I will make sure of that.

( He pressed a bell and 6 police men entered.)

Ade and Uche, or sorry, Tolani, I’m sorry but your parents have to face

the law. All they confessed to were recorded and will be taken to court.


Jason: you know what, big bros? Leave them, let them just go. If they truly

repent, good, if they continue in their evil ways, they will receive their

judgement in heaven. The 10 million you sent to Bridget, please, kindly

send it back and all my things in your possession should be returned.

Children, what do you say?

Ade and Uche just nodded.

James: I support you sir


Jason: call me dad, please. And big bros, I’m the luckiest man on earth.

You know why? I gained 3 big men as my children. Can you beat that?


Jerry: no no no… Don’t come and steal my sons.. I’m still their first



They all laughed and the police were asked to go. Bankole, Bridget and Alex

were taken outside to go.


Jason: Uche, no, Tolani, how old are you really?


Tolani: sir, I’m 27 years old

Jason: what about you, Ade?


Ade: I’m 23 years old sir


Jason: And I know James is close to 24 years now. The three of you should

listen, Though James is my biological son, I regard the rest of you as my

sons too. I am indebted to the two of you for life. If you don’t mind,

would you take this unlucky man in love, to be your dad, for ever?


And all the boys laughed and said, ” we do”


Jason: wait a minute,. Big Jerry, how did you know that James is my son


Jerry: Hmmmm.. I used to go to under bridge at Mota to investigate those

selling hard drugs and I used to notice a small boy, always reading anytime

I go there. He doesn’t participate in any nonsense going on there. I got

attracted to him because I could see a boy with bright future staying under

the bridge. One day, I approached him and asked about him. He told me his

story and when he mentioned Amaka’s name, I was shocked but very happy. So

I took him in and that day, as I took him to a boutique to buy clothes for

him, I saw our family mark on his back. I never allowed him to see mine to

avoid questions. And I didn’t inform you because of Bridget. I know her

type and what she can do. And I changed his surname to Okeowo and that was

why I named this house, Jay’s Mansion. Jerry, Jason and James. I have a

villa under construction named the 3 Jay’s Villa. I know that one day, a

day like this will come.


Jason: Hmmmm.. trust my big brother.. you always handle everything. Thank

you so much for all you have done. The two of us had 3 children to look

after now. And why haven’t you gotten married?

( Ade and James started laughing) why are you guys laughing now?


And they both said,” big Jerry is scared of women..he can’t talk to a woman”


Jason: say what! Not my brother.


Jerry: if I get my hands on you children, you will see. Make fun of me

very well. He who laugh last, laugh best. I am resigning from the state

security agency. I want to focus on my life now. Then I can settle down.


They all said, ” settle down to what?” And they started laughing.


All of a sudden, a lady barged in with a gun

” Your life or your money, now!! Your heads on the floor, now!! You(

pointing the gun at Jerry), I said your head on the floor!! I think I have

to kill you now.. as she move close to Jerry, Jason James, Ade and Tolani

ran to shield him.


Tolani: tell us what you want because to touch him, you have to kill us all.


Ade: yes, if it’s money, we will give you but don’t point a gun at our big



Jason: see, if you must kill, kill me. I just met my brother after so many

years. He has done a lot for me and you want to kill him now? Kill me



James: you know what? You are just one person against 4, how many can you

kill at once.


And they held their hands and began to advance towards her.


Jerry started laughing and the lady dropped the toy gun and screamed,”

Jerryyyyy!!! These ones don’t know play oooo. Safe me oooo. ” And Jerry

went to her, pushed the men back, knelt on a knee, brought out a ring from

his pocket and asked the lady to marry him.


Everywhere was quiet like a graveyard. You could hear a pin drop. Even when

the Lady said yes, the men were still too shocked to move or talk.


Jerry: haba!! E shock you?( And he carried the lady to a chair, still

laughing at their shocked expressions. Then he went back to push them



Jason: James, I’m dreaming, right?

Ade: someone should pour water on us so as to wake up

James: big Jerry has a girlfriend?

Tolani: is he too young to have one? Just the dramatic entry that caught me


Jerry: my people, let me formally introduce you to my love, my heart, my

better half, Opeoluwa Sanusi, soon to be Mrs Okeowo. And through pictures,

Ope, you can recognize them all.


Ope: certainly… I know you all but let me greet my first “baba oko( my

husband’s father”). She knelt down for Jason and he dipped his hand in his

pocket to bring out money for her, as their tradition demanded of him)


Jason: this is a surprise to us all. You are welcome, our wife. (And they

all welcomed her into the family.)

Afterwards, she cooked and they all ate, drank and stories were told

again and again. And Opeoluwa said,” so, Tolani is the mechanic, who

couldn’t change a tyre” . And they all laughed.


Three months later, big Jerry got married to Opeoluwa. Jason was the best

man and he took a liking to the best lady, Gina, who was Ope’s friend but

he was afraid to talk to her because of past experience. Months later, with

Jerry’s support, they started dating. And a year later, they got married.


The three boys started managing different 3 companies for Jason and Jerry.

They all planned their wedding to be on same date.


Alex and Bridget couldn’t stay together for long because there was no

money. They fought and both landed in hospital; Bridget with broken arms

and Alex with head injury. Ade paid their hospital bills and gave them

money to start a business.


Bankole was arrested for fraud at the bank and intent to kill a client. He

got sentenced to 8 years imprisonment with hard labour.


Tolani took his mother to his house and started taking care of her. Their

wedding was superb. Jerry and Jason bought 3 duplex beside one another for

their 3 children. And 3 Jay’s Villa became a family house where they all

gather every two weeks.


Jerry had a daughter named Justina while Jason had a son named John.

And they all loved happily with little issues they quickly dealt with,

among themselves.


The End

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