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Hush – Season 4 Episode 6

Episode 6


Jason fainted on hearing that Alex was the father of Ade, his wife’s son.

He was revived and after some time he said,” The day I met Bridget, she

was with Alex and she introduced him to me as her elder brother. So, I had

been treating him as my brother in love. Without certificate and

experience, I made him my general manager, under my tutorship. I bought a

flat for him, furnished it and gave him everything my wife asked me to

give. I introduced him to females to choose a wife but he used to tell me

that none appealled to him. He slept in my house most times. I used to

leave him at home with my wife alone, anytime I traveled. One day, my

gateman told me to be watching them but I don’t encourage ‘back talk’ and

so, I didn’t pay attention. Later, he was sacked and another one was

brought by the security agency I use. Just last month, that one too was

sacked before I got back from a course abroad and I never asked why from my

wife. So, I have been a big fool. Accommodating husband and wife in my

house. This is too much for me to bear. Why me? Upon all this, you guys

were not satisfied, you still want to kill me. What a pity, can you just

tell me what I did wrong? Because I took your wife? Had you told me that

day, I wouldn’t have gone ahead with the wedding..I just wanted to settle

down and definitely not with another man’s wife.


Jerry: it’s okay, brother. We learn everyday. For the record, Alex was

never married to Bridget. They just had a son together. Now, Ade, tell

Jason why you left his company.


Ade: first and foremost sir, I did not just stop contacting you. I lost my

phone and didn’t write the numbers out. So, there was no way I could have

gotten in touch with you again. Also, my department was moved to another

location and if you had come looking for me, you wouldn’t have seen me

because I didn’t tell you I changed my course in 200l. And the reason I

stopped working with you was……


(And he told them all that he heard at the company’s party.)


And that was I left sir.


Jason: give me another hug my boy. Thank you so much. Big bros, please,

help me ask these people what I did to them.


Jerry: they can hear you. Oya, who wants to go first?


Bridget: I will talk…I will say the truth. When we met, Alex went to the

restroom then, and when he came back, he quietly told me to play along that

you look like a rich person because he saw the car you drove in. He was the

one that said I should say he was my elder brother. And when you were

taking it serious, he said we should continue to play along till we get

enough money from you and run away. Anytime you are away, we live like a

couple which the first gateman saw and I warned him never to say anything.

But he still told you, fortunately for me, you didn’t believe him. So I

sacked him. The second one too was sacked because he saw us in the master



Alex: she was the one that asked me to come to the master bedroom ooo..I

told her we should stay in my room but she said the AC there was cooler

than the one in my room.


Bridget: shut up you fool..why didn’t you refuse vehemently, idiot…


Jerry: ( shouted) keep quiet you two!! Shameless people…still saying

nonsense.. woman, continue


Bridget: I’m sorry sir. So we continued living like that, gathering money,

waiting for the big break. Late last year, Bankole suddenly called me to

say Jason had a son, whom he never knew about. I was surprised because he

never mentioned anything like that and I knew him to be trustworthy. Then,

I told Alex


Alex: ehn ehn… So it was your lover that told you but you lied to me that

it was an investigator that told you. Bloody liar… Ashewo ..


Bridget: mad man, hear yourself.. senseless human being.


Jerry: if you two don’t keep quiet, I will call the police to handle you,



Bridget: I’m sorry sir, he was the one that pushed me to all these rubbish.

When I told this stupid fellow called Alex, he told me we had to get rid of

Jason fast, before he get to know his son. I made sure he put everything in

my name in his will and we were afraid he might change the will if he get

to know his son. I’m sorry, it was the devil that pushed me…I won’t do

that again, please forgive me.


Jason: even I didn’t know I have a son untill Uche came along to save me.

How did Bankole get to know I had a son?


Uche: sir let me talk. Let me first apologize. I’m sorry to have deceived

you sir. You are one of the kindest men on earth. I have been looking for

how to tell you the truth but I didn’t know how. Bankole is my father.

( All except Jerry shouted, ” what!!!!” )

(Jason said,” no, nothing can shock me again…I refused to be shocked”)

Yes, he is my father. And my real name is Tolani. He called me one day and

told me the story of how a very rich man had a son, without knowing and how

everything will be willed to the son. I asked how it’s my business and he

said I should be the lost son to get money from the man. That rich man was

Mr Jason Segun Okeowo. I refused to do it and I know my dad will get

someone else to do it, after a month, I agreed. I overheard his

conversation one day with someone on phone that to get hold of his money,

they have to do something about him and this made me take quick action. I

was the one who put a hole on your fuel tank and drained your fuel away. I

followed your vehicle on bike till it stopped. I parked the bike in a bush

and came out to help you. I was just lucky to see madam putting pills in

oga’s drink. Sir, you may not know me but I knew you way before then. I was

among those you gave scholarships to, to complete our education till

university level. You gave us food, accommodation and pocket money till we

finished school. How can I repay you with evil?. If I didn’t say I was your

son, you wouldn’t have given me audience sir. I didn’t want to swindle you,

I only wanted to protect you sir. I explained everything to big Jerry, when

I met him to investigate those wanting you dead, not knowing that big Jerry

himself, has been protecting you. Sir, I’m so sorry for the deceit. Never

my intention sir.

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