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Hush – Season 4 Episode 5

Episode 5



At this, everyone in the room expressed shock except Jason, who was

cleaning his eyes with tissue paper.

Ade and James looked at each other, at big Jerry and at Jason. They

asked themselves how they didn’t notice the resemblance since.

Uche started fidgeting. He couldn’t sit still. He saw Bankole looking

at him and he knew he was done for.

Alex and Bridget were stunned. They both looked at each other and

Bridget whispered, ” did you know about this? I can see you were not

surprised when you saw Jason. So you knew he wasn’t dead? ” ” Of course I

knew but you would have freaked out if I had told you that he survived. But

I didn’t know he had a brother”


Jerry: have you finished whispering? Shall we continue? Thank you. Jason,

my dearest brother, I really love you. I…


Jason:( cut in).. I don’t believe that. You love me and left me all alone.

When I was in need of a supporter, where were you? When all things were

going wrong, did you surface? For my graduation, wedding, even though you

never wanted me to marry the she devil, were you there? I wanted to get

back at you for leaving me all those years, and just showing up out of the

blue to tell me not to marry her. I thought you will stay with me but you

didn’t, why?


Jerry: everything will be clear to us all now. Jason, I never left you,

even for a minute. I’ve always been with you. I left home when you were in

300 level because of my involvement in state security. I’m also an

investigator. All these made us have enemies who can use our family to get

us. Father never wanted me to but it was my choice and I left home but

never for once left you. During your graduation, I was there physically.

You cried when you were asked to come for your award. I knew when you were

dating that Ibo girl, Amaka, during service but I never knew she was

pregnant at the time. You were forced to travel out for your masters

immediately after service and we were on the same plane that day. When I

saw that you have settled down and I noticed that you really loved Amaka, I

came back to Nigeria, went to Anambra, where you served, to look for Amaka

but was told she wasn’t there again. All my efforts to know where she went

were futile. I was sad but then duty called. I travel to check on you once

in a month but made sure you never saw me. Carlos, your roommate abroad,

was employed by me to keep an eye on you. He gave you the impression that

he was from a rich home and spent money on you. Yeah!!! It was my money.

When you came back to start your company, I own the building you bought and

that was why it was sold to you. When you met Bridget, I ran a background

check on her and discovered that she had a child she never cared for;

married twice; and still dating rich men. That was why I came to your

office to tell you not to marry her. Didn’t you ask yourself how I knew

your office? Since that day you sent me out, I kept my distance but never

left you. I sent my man to be your gateman so as to protect you. I came to

your wedding but sat at the back. I noticed you looking everywhere and I

knew you were searching for me. Yes, I was there, with tears in my eyes. I

knew you were making a big mistake but I couldn’t stop you. I put my men…


Jason: wait!! Bridget had a son? Married before? Oh my brother, I am


( Bridget stood up and made to go to Jason)

Just stay where you are. After all, you are a widow. But tell me, where is

your son?


Ade: I am her son, sir.


Jason: you? Ade? Bridget’s son? I loved this boy since the day I saw him at

jamb office road. I became responsible for him till when he stopped

contacting me and I called his number several times without it being

reachable. Some years later, I saw him at my office, looking for work and I

made sure he was employed with full allowances but then, he left again

without a word. Since then, I haven’t been able to get in touch with him.

And now, I discovered that you are my step son? This life!!! So, you join

your mother to kill me? What was my offence?


Ade: ( stood up, ran to Jason and wrapped his hands round him, crying) no

sir. I can never do that. Big Jerry knows me well. I am not like that. I

can never be ungrateful sir. I do love you sir. You are an example of a

father sir. I bless the day you came into my life, sir.


Jerry: Jason, Ade is like a son to me and I know him very well. The only

secret he kept from us was why he left your company, but after he had told

me, I supported him. He is nothing like his mother and father at all. Do

you know that he was the one who saved you from being hit by a car when you

went jogging? He has been keeping watch over you since he knew that his

parents were after your life. He knew they can attack you anywhere, anyhow

and anytime. He saved you from his father, who was planning to kill you

with his car.


( Bridget whispered to Alex,” you stupid man. So you knew he didn’t die

from the poison, or maybe he didn’t even eat it at all. So you wanted to do

hit and run, right? Idiot” ” shut up, you evil woman. I cursed the day I

met you


Jason: but what have I done to his father? Do I even know him? How can

someone I do not know plan to kill me? Or is he annoyed that I married

Bridget? I never knew she was married naaa…. Haaaa!!! This life!!!


Jerry: My brother, God loves you more than you realized. You do know his

father but you will be shocked.


Jason: what can shock me again? Tell me the father of my so called wife’s

son, so I can go and explain to him


Jerry: he is here and no other than Alex.


Jason opened his mouth but nothing came out. He looked at Alex, his general

manager, looked at Bridget and fainted.


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