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Hush – Season 4 Episode 4

Episode 4

After Jerry finished speaking, he looked at Ade and James,who were with

him, watching and listening to the three through a screen and started

laughing. But when he noticed Ade’s tearful face, he apologized and kept


” Do you know why I laughed? The fear on their faces at the thought of

using them for sacrifice. My boys, we have become ritualists oooo”.. and

Ade smiled through his tears. James looked at the time and said, ” dad,

it’s 10am “. Jerry said,” Let’s go thereeee”


They all went downstairs, to a board room and sat down. Jerry sat at the

head of the table, James sat on his right while Ade sat on his left. Then,

he asked that Uche and Jason be brought, then the other three.

Jason came in first and stood rooted at the door. He was just staring

at Jerry. James and Ade were surprised to see Jerry crying and even more

surprised to see him go to Jason, who ran to meet him and engaged him in a

tight warm embrace. Both were crying and laughing at the same time. Even

Uche, who came in after was shocked to see the scene. Tissue paper was

passed out to them and he was led to the other end of the table to sit.

Uche was asked to sit beside him. And the door was shut. At the back of the

door, Uche saw an inscription, which read, ” say the truth and live; lie

and die. Choose well.”

He started sweating profusely. Jason asked him what was wrong but he

couldn’t talk.

James and Ade went to greet Jason and he was surprised to see Ade.

” My boy, what happened? Where have you been? I looked for you but couldn’t

get you. Why did you quit? What….”


Jerry: bros, everything will be clear to you soon. Be patient.


James: bros? Dad, you mean you and Mr Jason are brothers? Oh my God!!! I

can’t believe this… wow!!!


Jerry: James, hold on, this is the moment of truth. Ade, come and sit.

James, sit!!!

Then he requested that the trio should be brought. On their way, they saw

this on the wall,

” save yourself by saying the truth, let liars be used as sacrifice”

” Death lies ahead for liars, be warned”

” If you want to die, don’t go into this room to lie”.

All these inscriptions on the walls made the trip to be scared and

individually thought they will say the truth, no matter what.


Bankole went in first, saw those on seat, and ran back, screaming, ” better

kill me ooo”


Alex went in next and was asked to stand aside.


Bridget was the last to go in and she just looked at all on seat, and she

slumped. No one got up to help nor resusticated her. Bankole was then

forced to enter and took a stand. Jason looked at Bridget with annoyance

and took water from the water dispenser, and threw it at her. She woke up

quickly and when she saw Jason again, she started crying and held his legs.

He kicked her away and went back to his seat.


Jerry: Jason, James, Ade, Uche, Bankole, Alex and Bridget…. This is the

truth room. We all will say the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the

truth. Failure to do that means instant death….and that is not a threat.

I can’t say I am happy to see you all, because I am not. The sight of

some of you here make me sick. For those that do not know me, I will like

to introduce myself,

My name is Jeremiah Olushola Okeowo, the first born of my parents. I have a

little brother, whom I love so much with all my heart and can do anything

for. His name is Jason Olusegun Okeowo.”

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  • I said it that Jerry is Jason’s brother that he has been looking for. This is wonderful, that witch had the guts to hold Jason’s leg.. She no dey shame o

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