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Hush – Season 4 Episode 3

Episode 3



Big Jerry called his lady friend, Opeoluwa, who was not known to anyone.

” Can you come over now? Please”

” I’m sorry my love, not now. Still busy at work. Will come when my shift

is over.”

” That’s why I asked you to stop working. So you will always be available

for me alone”

” Let’s wait and see. Bye for now my love”.


After the call, Jerry checked the time again. Just 8am. He then took his

photo album and started looking at pictures.


Alex and Bridget slept on each other, still tied up. At midnight, someone

came to untie them so they can use the restroom and the person locked the

door back, leaving them untied. They walked round the room, checked the

windows for escape possibility and eventually sat on the floor. They

wondered who could be behind their kidnapping. If they demand ransom, who

will pay? All these and many thoughts filled their minds. They were in that

sitting position when the door opened around 7am and the bank manager was

bundled in. Then the door was locked again.


Bridget: Bankole, how did you get to be here?


Bankole: you know, I initially thought you were behind my abduction. But

seeing you here, I begin to wonder, what could be happening?


Bridget: I don’t know oooo and I’m scared .


Alex: what has a beginning must have an end. Patapata, they will kill us.

After all, we plan to kill someone too


Bridget: plan to kill someone or killed someone…?


Bankole: it’s both of you.


Bridget: don’t bring that ooo.. who gave me the idea to kill, which I sold

to Alex? Was it not you? At seaside hotel?….( Then she covered her mouth

when she realized what she has said)


Alex: at the hotel? You two met or meets at hotels? Sleeping with my woman?

B, you mean it was Bankole….


Bankole: hold it there!! Whose woman? Is she your wife? She’s for everyone,

even the dummy of her husband can’t lay claim on her alone.


Alex: Bridget, so you have been sleeping with Bankole? You this woman? Dem

swear for you? What do you want? What’s your problem? You are a



Bridget: please, please, please… Just hold it there… who is a

prostitute? You know I’m married and you are sleeping with me, that makes

you what? To think that I fall for a gold digger like you? Planning to

steal another man’s wealth.. why not work for your own money too, if it’s

easy… Mumu….. And I have planned to run away with you… Chei!!!! Thank

God my son didn’t take after you… Fool


Alex got up, ran to her and started beating her.


Bankole: you better don’t kill yourselves before they kill you. And what

are you saying, madam, you have a son for Alex or Mr Jason?


Bridget:( crying ) I have a 24 years old son for this fool ooo.. whom he

wants us to put in trouble. Bad father, useless lover…


Bankole: why did you now feel bad when you heard that Mr Jason had a son

when he was young, which was why you wanted him dead…


Just then, a voice came over a loud speaker, ” will you keep quiet there!!!

If anyone say anything again there, that person will be used as the first

sacrifice for today. You will talk, when it’s time. ”

And the three of them ran to different corners of the room, shivering and


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  • Lobatan so Mr bankole was sleeping with Bridget as well and she planned all that when she heard he has a son

  • Lol.. E don happen I don tell am e don happen… As the pack the three of them in that room sweet me o

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