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Hush – Season 4 Episode 2

Episode 2



That morning, Jason woke up to the sound of someone, knocking on his door.

He stood up and wobbly went to open the door without asking who it was. The

next minute, he was taken to a black mercedes benz parked in the car park,

blind folded, gagged and hands tied at the back. He didn’t struggle because

he knew it would be futile. He expected his abductors to drive away but

instead, they put on the AC and locked the doors. After a short while, he

noticed that another person was put in the car to join him. Then, the

engine was started and the vehicle started moving.

About 45minutes later, the vehicle stopped and they were taken out and

put in separate rooms. The gags, ropes and folds were taken away. Each of

them was shown a cupboard with clothes and a bathroom. They were asked to

go take their bath, after which, they were served brunch. They were told to

relax till they were called. Uche, who was the second person that was taken

with Jason, became scared. He couldn’t think of who could kidnap them. But

then, he finished his food and just laid on the bed, watching TV, while

Jason just sat on the bed, wondering what was going on.


Alex went with Bridget to get some things at home. They went to the safe

and noticed that the safe was already opened and nothing was found in it.


Alex: why did you ask me to come when you know you can do it by yourself?


Bridget: what did I do? What are you insinuating? If it’s a joke, better

stop it. Too expensive for me. After all, we were together all through.


Alex: you mean you were not the one? Then, who?


Bridget: I don’t know oo.. could it be the mechanic? I don’t trust that guy

at all. If you had seen the way he was just looking at me and the car. That

reminds me, have you traced where his car was?


Alex: not yet. Still searching. ( He thought within himself” I can’t tell

her that Jason is still alive… She will freak out.. we can’t stop now…

We have to leave the country today.. “)


Bridget: why are you quiet? Alex!!!


Alex: yes… Oh, sorry I was lost in thought. I just remembered the bank

manager you were supposed to go and meet.


Bridget: we will go there together, when we are through today. The police

man has not called me again. Hope it stays that way


Alex: see, let’s get out of here, the clothes you have packed is enough.

Let’s go


And they took the bags to the car. As they were about driving out, a car

blocked them and four men got out with pistols. They took them, gagged,

blindfolded and tied them up and took them to their car. One of the men

locked the gate and they drove off.

They got to their destination and were taken to a room. They were asked

to sit on the floor, still tied up and the door was locked.


They were served just once while Uche and Jason were served frequently. No

one could say anything because there was no one to talk to. They were like

that till they slept off.


The next morning, as early as 5am, James and Ade were already at the Jay’s



Jerry: haba… don’t I get to sleep well again? What happened? Have I

killed anyone?


James: ( laughed ) can’t we come visit you again?


Jerry: visit me at this time? You are kidding..just tell me what you have

come for


Ade: daddy, can’t children visit their loving dad any time? Can we go and

relax in one of the rooms downstairs?


James: and by the way, where is Mr Jason?


Jerry: Hmmmm… truly, blood is thicker than water. Ade, what you wanted to

ask was,” dad, which room did you put Jason” and James, you wanted to say,”

what have you done to Jason? Where is he? I want to see him”, am I correct?


Ade and James kept quiet.


Jerry: you know what? Put your mind at rest. You will hear and know what

you need, today. But, till 10am, I don’t want to see your faces. Make

yourselves disappear now…and mind you, no nosing around. Remember,

there’s CCTV cameras everywhere. Just trust me, okay? Get breakfast and go

to bed. I’m sure you weren’t able to sleep well last night. See you at 10am



And with that, he left them in the living room. They looked at each other

and shrugged. Without saying a word, they went to the kitchen, took cereal

and milk, then went to the room they use any time they are in Jay’s Mansion

and just laid on the bed staring at the ceiling and at the clock and

wondering what big Jerry was up to.


In Jerry’s room, he started pacing. He couldn’t sleep either and started

talking to himself,. ” Hmmmm… After 26 years…..26 whole years…..

It’s time..why am I getting anxious? Or is it excitement? … At last…..I

need to compose myself…. it’s a pity things turned out this way….how I

have missed him…… Hmmm…this world…full of mysteries…and

miseries….and our story became a spider web……Hmmmm… it’s

6.30am……it’s like the hour hand is slow…..Hmmmm…”


Then, he made a call…..

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