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Hush – Season 4 [Episode 1 – 7]



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Story Title: Hush

Episodes: 7

Category: 18+

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Episode 1



Jason was convinced that, definitely, Uche was not his son. But he wondered

what he wanted? How did he know the story yet couldn’t recognize the woman

in the story? All these ran through his mind. He wasn’t able to sleep. He

stood up to look at Amaka’s picture again and thought, ” come to think of

it, there’s a resemblance to Amaka…. James…. My son…. No doubt about

that…. Hmmmm.. oh shiii…. Stupd me… I didn’t take his contact…. Oh

noooo.. I will ask Uche in the morning. This is past 12… He would be

sleeping by now…. Can’t wait… I need to get to the bottom of this

puzzle…. I need you, big bros…. I need you…. Why have you left me

alone?… ” And with that, he slept off.


In the morning, at Jay’s Mansion, Big Jerry called four of his boys to go

and pick up Bridget and Alex, then he called James to go and bring Jason

and Uche.


James: dad, why do I need to bring Jason and Uche? After all, he is the



Jerry: oh, you have grown so big that you question me now? No questions,

just do as you are instructed.


James: yes sir. It’s just that…


Jerry: do you trust me, James?


James: of course, I do. Even with my life.


Jerry: then, go and do what I asked you to do.


James: yes sir. Right away


Ade just woke up when he heard James talking on phone.


Ade: what’s wrong? You look disturbed


James: big Jerry called me now to say I should bring Mr Jason in.


Ade: in to where?


James: the Jay’s Mansion.


Ade: Jay’s Mansion? Why?


James: apparently, he has his reasons


Ade: hope he won’t be hurt?


James: as if even I would allow that. But then, you should know that dad is

not like that. Let’s freshen up and go.


They got to the hotel around midday and went straight to Jason’s room. They

were surprised to see its door opened. They knocked but no one answered.

They called out but no response. Ade rushed in, followed by James. They

found no one and they couldn’t find their bags too. James called big Jerry


James: sir, we couldn’t find anyone in the room and we met the door opened.

What could have happened? I’m worried sir


Jerry: calm down my son.. there’s no problem. When I didn’t see you on

time, I sent my guys to go pick them up for me


James: but dad, you should have told me. Do you know how worried and scared

we were?


Jerry: you and who?


James: Ade, of course. We are coming over now.


Jerry: not now.. come over tomorrow morning. I can’t do anything today



James: dad, do what? I don’t understand what’s going on?


Jerry: I ask you again, do you trust me?


James: dad, you know I trust you but…


Jerry: no but. We will see, tomorrow.


And he hung up. Ade and James were perplexed. They went down to the bar,

sat and ordered drinks. Then, they went back to James’ place.

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