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Hush – Season 3 Episode 6 [Completed]

Episode 6


James: I told you I don’t like guessing… Just give me straight… Nothing

can shock me again, my guy


Ade: Hmmmm… It was Alex.. but I don’t know if he saw me too and I’m now

scared for both Mr Jason and I. Those two can do anything.

That is my story. What can we do, J?


James: this is serious… And not what we can handle. With all you have

told me, my investigation is complete. Do you know what? We are going to

big Jerry with this story. He will know what to do.


Ade: big Jerry? He will kill me for keeping such from him. Please, no.. not

him ooo


James: relax… It shows how little you know of him. And you are just

exaggerating,big Jerry can’t kill anyone, talk less of you, my buddy and

brother. We are in this together, don’t worry. Let’s go to bed now. This is

past midnight and we have work to do tomorrow. Do you want something light

to munch?


Ade: at this time? Not me and you… It’s only you and big Jerry that I

know in this entire world, who can’t do without munching.. I’m off to bed.


James: na you sabi…..sweet dreams…


Ade went to the guest room he sleeps anytime he comes to James’ house,

showered and went straight to bed. He was happy and felt light for

unburdening his heart to his best friend. He cried and prayed and

eventually slept off around 3am.


James made a midnight snack for himself and sat in the kitchen, thinking

how life is.

” Here I am with everything I ever needed, yet I don’t have parents. Ade

has parents but they do not want him. Maybe my father would have been like

Alex, had I known him. But I trust my mother, she wouldn’t have been able

to behave like Ade’s mother. Mothers are different oooo…thank God for my

mother and big Jerry..who took me as his son…took care of me, educated

me, showered me with love and affection…I doubt if my real father would

have loved me more….God, thank you for my parents and wherever my real

father is, whether dead or alive, I forgive him from the bottom of my

heart.” He finished his snack, switched off all lights and was on his way

to his room when he heard Ade, sobbing. He felt sorry for him but decided

to give him space and went to bed.


Meanwhile, at the hotel where Jason was lodged, he sat on the sofa at the

bar, after James left and Uche went out. He was deep in thought

” Hmmmm…. My heart tells me James is my son, but Uche has been caring for

me like a real son. If Uche is not my son, why would he lie? How did he

know the story? He can’t be working for Bridget…no…not possible… even

Bridget didn’t know the story….or could she have known? Maybe that’s why

she wants me dead….she knows my will is in her favour and if I know I

have a son, I would want to change it…. yes, that’s the reason…. but

Uche? What’s his connection? How come he was right at the spot my car

stopped? he truly a mechanic? ….come to think of it, he didn’t

change the tyre that day….does he even know how to?…. Okay, he saved

me….why is he caring so much for me like that? Is there a conspiracy

somewhere? Oh God, what is happening? And James, I really felt connected to

the boy….and was hurt when he said he doesn’t need his father, only want

to see the coward who couldn’t fight for his mother….well, he is

right….i am a coward… but I only did what I thought was right at the

time….i thought if I can get my parents to sponsor my education, I would

be in the best position to get a good job and secure a future for us… But

I was wrong to have stayed away from you when my parents insisted…. I’m

sorry, Amaka, my sweet, loving and caring Amy…. And I do miss my

brother….oh, how I miss him….I don’t even know where he is….if he had

been here, I wouldn’t have been in this mess….with all the love we shared

while growing up…he promised never to leave me, to look out for me….but

where is he now? I do miss him…. it’s like I’m all alone in this

world…. Bridget, I made the biggest mistake of my life by marrying

her….why didn’t I listen to my brother’s warning when I wanted to marry

Bridget…he warned me against the marriage but because I was annoyed with

him for leaving me, I refused to listen to him…who is suffering

now…..oh, I’m so full of regrets…I need answers, please God, help


Just then, Uche walked in and was surprised to see Jason at the bar. He

walked up to him and asked what he was doing there. Jason purposely dropped

the picture of Amaka on the floor


Jason: help me pick that paper up.


Uche picked it up and looked at it and said,” it’s not paper, it’s a

picture, old one. Where did you see it?”


Jason: I just saw it on the table. Who’s in the picture?


Uche: I do not know her…maybe one of the cleaners ( and he made to tear

it up?


Jason: don’t!!!…. I mean, how can you tear someone’s treasure? Bring it

and let me return it to it’s place. Let’s go eat and sleep, then we discuss

in the morning.

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  • The picture test he gave uche shows he is not amaka’s son since he couldn’t identify her in the picture

  • Simple test, uche couldn’t recognize his mother anymore, Lol. Bridget is doing all this evil just to be with Able. Alex can even disappoint her after collecting money and properties from her

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