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Hush – Season 3 Episode 5

episode 5



James: can anything shock me again? I don’t think so… My guy, ride on


Ade: Hmmmm. The story of my life. So pathetic… I heard my mother, telling

my father to use me to get chairman.


James: get chairman? How? For what?


Ade: calm down… She said, since Mr Jason seems to really like me, I

should be used to put poison in food or drink for him and when he die, the

police can arrest me, as in ME, as the culprit.


James: wait my guy, she actually want you to take the blame for what they

plan to do? Excuse me, are you sure she really is your mother? I don’t

think so.


Ade: unfortunately again, she is. That was when my father disagreed with

her, saying I will rope them in, at the police station. That instead, they

should plan to make it seem I steal money from Mr Jason’s safe, he caught

me and in the process of trying to escape, I killed him by hitting him on

the head. James, I nearly puked. Could they be my parents? I doubted it. I

felt dizzy and the receiver fell from my hand. They heard the sound

immediately and I had to rush out to hide in the gents. I heard them say it

was probably the breeze but I was too scared to come out. I stayed there

till evening and fortunately for me, no one was in need of the gents

upstairs. I couldn’t face them. Hearing their plan to kill my helper and

planning to put the blame on me, drained all energy in me.


James: ( cut in).. and that was why you left the job…. I now understand..

I would have done same thing


Ade: yes.. I couldn’t look at Alex and my mother, neither could I tell Mr

Jason. So, I had to leave. But since then, I have been looking for a way to

see Mr Jason, not to tell him but to protect him. I stopped picking my

mother’s calls and when Alex asked why I haven’t been to work, I told him I

have quit with no reason and I hung up on him. Since then, mother has been

calling me but I never picked nor returned the calls. A colleague called me

one day that the chairman has been asking for me but I didn’t go to see him

because I just wouldn’t be able to face him. I longed to ask my father and

mother what I did to deserve what they planning but I lacked the courage.

One afternoon, I decided to pay mother a visit at her friend’s place but

on getting to the door, I overheard her, talking to her friend that very

soon, all properties will be in her name and that she had made sure her

husband has written his will. The friend then asked her the question I have

been longing to ask. She asked, ” ore, what did your boy do, to make you

plan to take him out of the way? After all, he is your only son, only

child. ” And she said,” I never liked that boy from day one but I couldn’t

abort him because of several abortions I have had in the past. I suffered

to have him, forced to care for him and disowned by my parents because of

him. To crown it all, Alex left for Dubai to struggle and I was all alone.

I tried loving him but I just couldn’t. To crown it all, my husband can’t

stop talking about the fine young man in the office. I mean .. argh….I

got so fed up with him. ”

“Hmmmm….I understand you now… But he is hardworking, smart and

friendly…I like him.”

” Please, adopt him. You are free. ”

And I went back, not waiting to hear more. I was so sad that day that I was

almost hit by a motorcycle. That was the day I called you to let us meet at

the bar behind your house.


James: yeah…. I remember.. and for the first time since we have been

friends, you got drunk. But never told me what was bothering you then.


Ade: yes, I didn’t because as I said before, I couldn’t tell you.. I was

just too ashamed. I’m sorry, dear friend. Since then, I made up my mind to

try my best to locate mr Jason and try to protect him from the mother and

father I have. I searched and searched but couldn’t find him. Then, two

days ago, I was at a store in the evening and I saw him with a man. I

didn’t go to him because he will ask why I stopped working with him and I

wouldn’t be able to say anything. So, I followed them to the hotel they

lodged. You wouldn’t believe that yesterday morning as he was jogging, I

saw a car speeding towards him, definitely with intent to hit him, I ran to

pull him out of the way and saved him. I got a good look at the driver of

the car and guess who?

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  • Kaiiii!!!! Like seriously its good to good, if not for Ade Jason would have been dead. And who’s the person that wanted to hit him? Let’s find it out from the next episode

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