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Hush – Season 3 Episode 4

Episode 4



Once in a while, mother comes to the office to see Mr Alex, so it wasn’t

strange seeing her enter his office that day. She didn’t see me, so I just

went to my own office to relax. They were talking softly, then it turned to

an argument. It aroused my suspicion and I moved closer to hear what it was

all about but couldn’t hear. Suddenly, the red light on my intercom started

blinking. I initially thought Mr Alex needed me so I picked up the intercom

and put it close to my ear but what I heard shocked me. Mother was saying,

” I have said sorry so many times but you don’t want to listen. What do you

want me to do now? I didn’t tell you before, because I thought you wouldn’t

be able to take care of him. ”

” Hear yourself, I wouldn’t be able to care for my only child. That’s why

you gave my son to my boss when you married him”, said Alex

“I didn’t. Infact, he didn’t know I have given birth before”

” He didn’t know? Why does he call Ade his boy all the time? Why did he

give him job without interview? He asked that house and clothes allowance

should be given to him. He monitors his progress with keen interest.

Infact, very soon, Ade will overthrow me as the GM. ”

” What you are saying is strange to me ooo. I thought you got him the job.

I sent him to you now? ”


” Yes, he came to meet him but I was with my boss then and immediately they

sighted each other like this, they hugged and oga asked the HR to give him

immediate employment. ”

” Haaaa. This is not normal ooo. Here I am, thinking you got our son a



James: our son? Don’t tell me that Alex is your…..


Ade: unfortunately yes, he is, so I heard. Let me continue..


Then Alex said to mother, ” you know I’m still annoyed with you.. keeping

me from my son since all these years. If not for the DNA test, I’m sure I

wouldn’t have known.”

” Haba, I was planning to tell you after he has gotten the job here but I

always forget. I’m sorry again and again. But then, you never told me how

you got the DNA test done without him knowing”

” I’m clever and smart naa.. he came to my office one day and since I knew

he can’t do without combing his hair, I made my paperwork tray fall and as

he bent to pick them, I smartly removed his comb from his back pocket.

After he has gone, I removed his hair from the comb with nylon glove.

That’s all” and he laughed

James, you can’t begin to imagine how I felt after hearing that. I was

shaking, restless and disturbed. I was about to drop the receiver when I

was rooted to a spot by what I heard next…..

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  • Another secret being unfold. No wonder they plan to kill Justin, its because of their old relationship, so they want to kill him and take over his properties.

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