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Hush – Season 3 Episode 3

Episode 3



James: see, I’m mesmerized already by all you’ve been saying so far, I

can’t guess, just continue..


Ade: it was Mr Jason Segun Okeowo. The company was Okeowo and sons (

importer, exporter and general merchant).


James: wow! Wow!! Wow!!! This is interesting… Ride on my guy…. But, why

did you stop working there, you never told me that…


Ade: I’m coming to that, man. Immediately I saw him, I shouted, ” sir, sir,

it’s Adeleye.” All of them told me to shut up and stop screaming but I

didn’t answer, until he turned and looked straight at me. Jay my guy, I’ve

never been so honored in my life. This man didn’t ask me to come, instead,

he walked down to where I was, gave me a big hug, and asked where I have

been. I told him I lost his contact but I was through with service and

needed a job. He just turned to his GM, Mr Alex and said, ” hire him, he’s

my boy”. They were shocked and the GM call the HR immediately. That one

said “what about his CV” and the chairman said, ” you will collect that

later to put in his file. Just type his employment letter now and he should

resume today” . It was like I have turned to Ade in wonderland. I gave him

a hug and silently thank God for this my angel. I started work and put in

my best. I told my mother I have gotten the job and she was like, she knew

I will get it because she has spoken to the GM. I didn’t say anything until

there was a function at the office about 2months later and I saw my mother

with the chairman. I wanted to go and meet her but then, someone beside me

said ” this chairman’s wife does not know she’s already old. Look at what

she is putting on, mtchew” I felt embarrassed to even call her mother. So I

didn’t go to meet her but surprisingly, she too never acknowledged me. The

chairman came to ask me how the work was going and she was with him, but

she gave me a look which meant I was to keep quiet. I greeted her formally

and she passed. Later, when the chairman went into the boardroom with some

men, I escaped to my office, which was beside the GM’s office. It was then

I heard what made me leave the job


James: this is getting intense. Guy, you know I asked why you quit the job

you loved so much but you always evade the question. Now, I get to hear the

reason on a platter of gold…. Today na today


Ade:( smiled) I was too ashamed to tell you at the time because I didn’t

want you to see me in a bad light.


James: did you kill someone? Even if you did, I will believe it’s out of

self defense. Ade: we’ve been together for so long. I can say you know me

better than my dad, big Jerry. What are friends for? You kept all these

within you since and you didn’t fall sick? You are a super man. And you

know I can’t hide anything from you? It hurts, you know, it really hurts…


Ade: you don’t know how sorry I am. You know I told you I can’t sleep well

at night? It’s because of this burden I have and too ashamed to tell



James: tell me, I want to hear what you did that made you think I will kill

you for..


Ade:(laughed) only you can make me laugh at times like this. Anyway, I

didn’t do anything but my mother did. In fact, I’m ashamed to call her my


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