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Hush – Season 3 Episode 2

Episode 2



Ade: you know we’ve been friends for more than a decade now, and you know

everything about me as I know everything about you. But there’s something I

have been keeping from you and today, I got to know something again that is



James: I’m all ears bro


Ade: let’s settle your issue first. What do you want to do? Refuse to do

the job or go ahead with it? Or you go to big Jerry to ask why he chose you

to do the job? Or you want us to go and interview the man himself to know

what he knows about your parents, because from what you said, I can say

that the man knows more than he is telling you. I have given you options,

the ball is in your court, bro.


James: I think we should go and see the man. Do you know what? We bear the

same surname! Can you beat that? His name is Jason Segun Okeowo.. he



Ade: wait, wait, what’s the name again?


James: what’s wrong? Do you know him? Confusion everywhere… Please, don’t

tell me you know him( he stood up to pace about)


Ade: if it’s Mr Jason Segun Okeowo of Okeowo and sons, a limited liability

company, situated at Etan estate, plot 49, suites A and B, a middle aged

man with bald head, fair and….


James: kilode? You just read his biography as if you are singing rhymes..

what? How did you know him? Where did you meet him? You might say you know

his wife too


Ade: actually, I do. Infact, let me shock you, his wife, Mrs Bridget

Okeowo, is my mother!!!


James sat with a ‘bang’ on the sofa. He was really shocked. He looked at

Ade for a long time. He stood up again, went to his bar, took a glass of

dry gin and gulped it down at once. Then, he sat very close to Ade.


James: you have really shocked me. I need to hear the whole story… To say

we’ve been friends for so long and you never told me about your parents.

So, Mr Jason Segun Okeowo is your father…. Wonders shall never end..


Ade: let me tell you the whole story, so you can understand


James: today na today… ( He put off his television set).. no

distractions… I want you to tell me everything from beginning…


Ade: this was what happened..






Ade: I never knew my father until late last year and I got to know by


Since I was a child, my mother used to tell me that my father is abroad.

This continued until my 12th birthday, when she left me in care of her

friend to go marry an old rich man. The marriage ended 3 years later when

the old man died and his family threw her out. She came back to live with

her friend and both of them turned the apartment to an hotel. They bring in

different types of men and send me outside. If you remember, I used to come

to your to do my assignments before you were sent out. Then I told you I

would rather stay with you under the bridge than to go back to that house.

When big Jerry took you in, I stayed in an uncompleted building till late

at night and sometimes I sleep there. Fortunately for me, I made my WAEC

result at once and we met again at the jamb office, remember?


James: yeah, yeah, I remember that right. I was in front, saw you coming in

and had to lie that you were at my back but went to get something

outside… Yeah.. go on


Ade: do you remember I told you that a man saw me crying when my mother

told me that she doesn’t have money for my jamb form and I sat by a road

side, crying my heart out? this man came down from his car and after asking

me what happened, he gave me more than enough to buy the form, sit for

exam, to do registration when I passed and to get an accommodation. He was

an angel to me. That man was Mr Jason Segun Okeowo. He gave me his contact

number and he became responsible for my school till 300 level when I lost

his contact and then, you helped me talk to big Jerry and he continued

sponsoring me till we both became graduates. After service, with big Jerry’

s help, you got a job with Adren communication while I declined his help,

because I felt he has done a lot for me already. I learnt that my mother

remarried again and I called her to tell her that I was through with

service. She was surprised that I was through, do you know why? She never

bothered about my education. She then gave me the address of a company,

that I should go and meet the general manager with my CV.

I went there very early, found a gigantic building with ocean view,

asked to see the GM but was told he was with the chairman. So, I sat down

in the reception looking at the beautiful environment, the decoration on

the walls particularly took my fancy. About 25 minutes later, the

elevator’s door opened and two men came out with three men like bodyguards.

I casually looked at them and continued looking at the walls. Then, I heard

the receptionist saying, ” mister, aren’t you here to see the GM? See, he

is on his way out with the chairman and we don’t know when he will be

back”. I stood up quickly to go and meet them. Before I could get close

enough to speak, one of the other men came to stop me, asking what I

wanted. I said I was sent to the GM for a job. The GM heard and he said I

should come back next day. As I was about to turn back, I caught a glimpse

of the chairman, and guess who he was?

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  • Stories are coming out o. This Japheth or whatever they are calling her is very heartless, imagine sending her child away in order to prostitute well

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