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Hush – Season 3 [Episode 1 – 6]



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Story Title: Hush

Episodes: 5

Category: 18+

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Episode 1


Jason took the picture and looked at it. He stood up, sat on the chair, sat

on the floor, kept on staring at the picture. ” “This is Amy… It is

her…. How come…. My love… “, He looked at the picture and murmured to



James: what is wrong sir?… Do you know her?.. are you sure you are

alright sir? Can I get you something? A glass of water?


Jason: nothing my boy. I’m better. I can help you look for your father.

Leave this picture and come back tomorrow. I should have something for you

by then..


James: wow!! I would be so happy… Not that I need anything from him, but

I just want to see the coward who couldn’t fight for my mother. Thank you

so much sir. And I will make sure your job is done sir. Thanks again. I

will be on my way now.

( And with that, he left)

On his way out of the hotel, he wondered what could have made the man to

behave that way. Then, he received a call from his friend, Ade.


James: hey bro


Ade: hey my bros. Wassup? You sound somehow?

( James thought, ” only Ade can i not hide from. He knows me inside out. My

best buddy”)


James: Hmmmm. We will talk later. Are you coming over?


Ade: that’s why I’m calling you.. to tell you I’m coming to sleep at your

place tonight. I need to unburden my heart.


James: that makes 2 of us. And I also have an important work at hand, you

could help me with.


Ade: okay then. Be with you in 20minutes max.


James drove to his house and as he was about to close his gate, Ade drove



Both hugged and went inside. Without talking, they both went to the

kitchen, took a wine glass and a plate each, then went to the sitting room

to share the peppered snail James bought.


James: what’s on your mind, Ade?


Ade: no, you tell me what’s on your own mind first.


James: nothing much. Big Jerry asked me to take a job, you know this our

investigative job naa… No big deal there but what is confusing is the man

I went to talk to, today. I felt a kind of connection to him… I went

there to ask him some questions but he ended up asking me questions about

myself. He looked at my mom’s picture and I could feel his sadness. I don’t

know but I have a feeling he knows me. And besides, why would big Jerry

give me this job? I have never done this type of work alone before, and to

tell you the truth, I’m scared.


Ade: but scared of what exactly? Were you asked to kill someone? (And he



James: ( threw a pillow at him, playfully) you are not serious… I don’t

even know how I’m feeling exactly…. When I met the man, I had a kind of

feeling towards him… It was like I have met him before…. And the way

big Jerry called me.. he was like, ” son, it is time. .this job is for you

and you alone… No one will help you with this”… Dad had never asked me

to handle his work alone before. And as usual, he didn’t say anything more.


Ade: I don’t see any problem there… Maybe the job is delicate and he just

want you to handle it for him


James: when he has many professional investigators at his reach…. I

beggiii….. Tell me what’s bothering you?

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  • Blood is indeed thicker than water!!! See the connections/feeling Jerry had when he was talking to Jason. How did uche and Jerry met? Its confusing but we will still get to know everything

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