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Hush – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4



Uche: yes, and his manager but they haven’t shown up since yesterday and

said we can donate the body for experiment in a teaching hospital.


Tosan: never!!! Not Jay’s body.. his remains can’t be treated like that…I

don’t expect anything less from his wife. He was just too blinded to see

the real her. It’s a pity..( and he started crying)… Jason was a good

friend of mine…what killed him?


Uche: we will know that when we do the autopsy


Tosan: please tell me your station and which area… I’m sorry for breaking

down like that, but I just can’t believe it. My brother and my wife will

come and I will try to get the next available flight to come back. This is

so sad.. the address please…


The phone was in speaker, so Jason heard all that was said. He was filled

with emotions and cried. Then, he took the phone from Uche to talk directly

with Tosan.


Tosan: hello….are you there? .. please answer me…


Jason: hello Tos-Tos


Tosan: Jay, is that you? Only you call me that. What’s happening? Who

called me earlier?


Jason: calm down my main man..I will explain all that’s happening.

( And he explained the incident from the day before to the present). So,

you see why I need to know who I can really trust now


Tosan: but you hurt my feeling, you know, I trust you with my wife and

life, but you don’t trust me.


Jason: it’s not like that…if you were in my shoes, who will you trust?.


Tosan: to say you have a grown-up son? I’m so happy but it’s a shame to

your wife. You know I never really trust her. I warned you about her but

you wouldn’t listen to anyone. I thank God that you are alive…


Jason: now, I need to change my will fast. I kept the one I did before in

the safe at home and she might have gone to take it. So, I need another one

fast. I know you are away, but isn’t there something you can do?


Tosan: I understand. I have the original with me. I will call my wife to

come to you to prepare another one and you will sign it or better still,

make a video.


Jason: let’s do the two…both the paper and the video.


Tosan: you know what? She can’t do anything about the will until 6 months

after you have gone and I will be back in two weeks’ time. So, don’t worry

about it.


Jason: I knew I could rely on you. Thanks so much Tos. I do appreciate you.


Tosan: it’s my pleasure, Jay. What are friends for? Please, be safe. God

save us from who watches us but we don’t watch.


Jason: a big amen to that. We will talk later and remember, I’m dead, okay?


Tosan: sealed…. Catchya


At the end of the call, Jason felt relieved. He smiled at Uche and said,” I

know I’m not that bad that no one will stand for me. Tosan is my very good

friend…why did I doubt him….it is well…..what about the investigator

you talked to?”


“He is sending his staff for some questions about Bridget, sir”, Uche



Soon after, there was a knock on the door and both jumped.


Uche: who is there?( He peeped through the peep hole on the door and saw a

young man)

“It’s me… I’m from comrade Abudu.” A voice answered

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