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Hush – Season 2 Episode 3

episode 3





Bridget’s phone rang……


Manager: hello madam, just like what you said, the police man has called me

and I told him you have collected 10 million.


Bridget: I knew it. Manager, thank you, you know what? Your ‘cola’ has

doubled and a ‘treat’ from me to you… know what I mean….


Manager: (smiled) I trust you. At the usual place? When do we see? I can’t

wait madam Mee


Bridget: I know you, impatient dog. Will let you know when. The matter at

hand, what do you think we should do about the body? This policeman won’t

leave us alone ooo..What can you do?


Manager: The only thing we can do, is for you to quickly get out of the

country, and of course, after giving me my share of the ‘booty’, you know.


Bridget: How will you do it now! I don’t want all the money in my own



Manager: (laughed) am I not the manager? I will transfer the money to

different dormant accounts and from there, you will be able to withdraw,

with my help, if course. By the way, Should I transfer my own commission

too or you send it to me from your own account?


Bridget: ( to herself” mumu, barawo. Idiot like you…. which work has he

done that he is looking for commission? Bloody thief…. anyway, your time

is limited….I only pity your wife… she is just too nice..)


Manager: hello, hello? Are you still there?


Bridget: yes dear, I am. It’s network. You were saying?


Manager: I asked about my commission


Bridget: Of course, you will get it. You know what? I will transfer it when

I come to meet you at our usual place. So, transfer some money to my

domiciliary account now. I need to get some things


Manager: okay, right away. Will contact you when I’m done.


After cutting the line, the manager talked to himself,

” Wicked woman, does she think I’m a fool? Out of 10million, she may want

to give me just 10percent as usual. I’m going to take all the money for

myself. When we meet, I will lace her drink and put her in her car to

drive. Then she will have an accident and die…….wow!!! I will end up

with all that money…..mennnn…I will first resign from the bank, go on a

tour with my wife…no,not my wife, she will be asking stupid questions

about how I got the money…..I will go with Tanu, my new girlfriend. I

will live large……whoooo…. it’s time to get a chieftaincy title in my



Meanwhile, Abudu has sent the number of an investigator to Uche, which he

called. He told the investigator to find out everything he could, about

Bridget. He then asked Jason for some money to send to the investigator,

who then promised to send someone over to ask some questions about Bridget.

Later, Jason couldn’t wait again and asked Uche to call his lawyer and

close friend, barrister Tosan, who was away on a course abroad.


Tosan: hello, my dearest friend?


Uche: hello. This is the police


Tosan: what happened to my friend? What did he do? Why did you arrest him?



Uche: calm down please. We got your number from his phone and we decided to

call you.


Tosan: you haven’t answered my questions…why was he arrested? Can I speak

with him?


Uche: I’m sorry but he wasn’t arrested…he was found dead beside his…..


Tosan: found dead? Who? No…Not Jay…what are you saying? What happened?


Uche: we need someone to come and claim his body.


Tosan: his body? Is Jason really dead? I don’t believe it. Which station

are you calling from? Though I’m not around at the moment but my wife is

available. Have you called his wife?


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  • This is so touching. Among all those that were called, its only Jason’s lawyer that showed interest. This world is something else

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