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Hush – Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2



Young guy: it’s not a big deal sir. I did what anyone in my position would

have done. We should be grateful to God. Please be careful sir. Have a

great day sir. ( And with that, he left)


Jason: wait… please wait…just a minute dear, ( but the young didn’t

come back. He continued jogging). Soon after, he saw Uche running towards

him, then he remembered he was talking to him on phone when the incident



Uche: dad, what happened? You gave me quite a scare…what are you doing on

the floor?


Jason: relax my boy… relax. Something nearly happened but God and a young

guy, did not allow it to happen. Just thank God for me.


Uche: just get up first. What nearly happened? Tell me.


And he told him all that happened.


Uche: thank God for that guy ooo…it would have been a different story.

Let’s go back to the hotel. Whoever is watching you might have been the

person that almost ran you over.


Jason: so, you think it’s a deliberate act? To run me over? Hmmmm…what

did I do?


Uche: it’s okay. Let’s go sir.


And they went back to the hotel with Uche, looking over his shoulder all

the way. They took their bath and ate their breakfast. Then, Jason said

they need to call his bank manager, still using his number.


Manager: hello, who is this?


Uche: don’t you know who the line belongs to?


Manager: I know that the owner is dead. So, who is using his line?


Uche: it’s the police. We are trying to get in touch with his relatives, to

come and claim his body. No one has come forward since yesterday afternoon.


Manager: that is not my problem naaa…abi you were told we are related? No

ooo….by the way, how did you get my number?


Uche: good question manager, before he died, he repeated your name four

times…or are you not, Bankole bank manager?


Manager: yes I am. But why would he mention my name? It’s not as if we are

that close..


Uche: I wouldn’t know why, but we searched his phone and we saw the name he

called out to, before giving up the ghost.


Manager: so, what do you need from me?


Uche: we want someone to come and claim the body. We have called his wife

but she hasn’t come yet. Wait a minute, how did you know he is dead?


Manager: ehmm…it was…it was on the news…no, not on the news….the

wife called to tell me that she will be needing money for his burial. Yes,

that was how I got to know he was dead….hmm…such a nice man….what a



Uche: so, when is she going to collect the money for the burial?


Manager: I have sent it to her this morning…..


Uche: how much did you send?


Manager: just 10 million


Uche: ( screamed) whaaattt!!!!! 10 million for a body she hasn’t claimed?

This is wickedness..


Manager: excuse me, oga police, I did my duty and it wasn’t unusual for her

to call for money like that. Mr Jason Okeowo gave her his token. She is

free to withdraw any amount, from anywhere, as long as she faxes us the

request form with the token. No one can query her


Uche: Hmmmm… okay, we will contact you when she come to take the body for

burial. Bye for now


After the call, Jason said to Uche,” nothing can surprise me again”. And

he switched on the television set.


Bank manager Bankole sat down after the call from the supposed police man

and thought about it all, then he made a call….

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