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Hush – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 5]



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Story Title: Hush

Episodes: 5

Category: 18+

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Episode 1



Uche called his friend, Abudu.


Abudu: how far my guy? You just disappear since morning. I thought you have

been flown out of the country.


Uche: I for happy ooo…. Listen, my guy, I need a favour from you


Abudu: anything for my guy naa….


Uche: I need an investigator. A very discreet one. I want to help someone.


Abudu: it will cost you ooo… Can you afford it?


Uche: yes naaa… Money is not an issue but a job well done. I will send

you details later. ( And he hung up)


Meanwhile, Bridget has been with Alex since she left Jason by the road

side. She was still there when Uche called Alex.


Bridget: Alex, what do we do now? I’m getting scared ooo. With the police

that is involved, we have to move fast before we are caught. And how do we

go to claim the body? What if we are arrested in the process? Alex, I no

get liver oooo


Alex: you no get liver and you killed human being…. If you come get liver

nko? ( Laughed).. make I hear word jare… Calm down and listen… We are

not going to claim any body from mortuary… Mba… By tomorrow, let’s

gather all we can and get out of the country…our passports are in place

and I have collected our visas… Just go home now, get somethings and come

back here. Don’t arouse the suspicion of your neighbors by packing big

boxes, because I know you…


Bridget: don’t even do there… Number one, I am not going alone to that

house… Number two, you know I can’t travel light…. Number three, I will

need you to help me break the safe at home.


Alex: okay ooo, madam. I know you can’t do anything without me. It’s better

we go now. But what about the bank manager? Have you told him about the

money he is to send your account?


Bridget: yes, I have.


Alex: alright then. Let’s wait a little longer, then we go to your house. I

kinda like that house but what can one do…. Let’s have a toast to our



Bridget: to a great future of a loving family!!!!


Alex: great future of a loving family!!!! ( They clicked their glasses of

wine and both sat to watch movie)


After Uche ended the call to his friend, he checked on Jason again before

retiring to his room.


The next morning, he woke up and quickly went to check on Jason. He didn’t

meet him. He searched the suite, the lobby, the poolside and the garage,

yet he didn’t see him. He became scared and was contemplating calling 911

when Jason’s phone rang in his pocket. As he said ‘ hello’: tentatively, he

recognized Jason’s voice.


Jason: surprised? When I woke up this morning, I noticed that you were

still sleeping soundly and I didn’t want to wake you. So I came out for a

jog. Can’t do without it everyday, you know.


Uche: haaaa.. dad… You should have woken me up to accompany you. You

should know it’s still not safe sir.


Jason: you are right, my boy. Which was why I called you, I feel like

someone is watching or following me. I’m beginning to feel nervous. What do

I do? If I come to the hotel, I might be followed…


Uche: no.. no… Dad, continue jogging. Where are you exactly now? Just

give me a landmark, I’m coming over.


Jason: oh, thanks my boy. I just passed a waterfall in front of an

hospital… I’m going towards the the store we bought things from,



Uche: okay… I’m on my way.


Jason: will be expec…. (He suddenly stopped talking and screamed)


Uche: hello… Dad… Dad… What’s happening there? Answer me please…

What happened? Are you still there? Please, talk to me… Oh Lord.. no…

Hello… Hello…( And he kept on running towards where Jason said he was)


Jason was on call when he noticed a car speeding towards him and he was

almost hit when a young guy pushed him out of the way. He landed on the

grass by the road side with the guy on top of him. He was out of breath and

felt faint. The guy took his water and gave it to him. He then sat him down

to gain his strength. After a while, the young guy stood up to go


Jason: thanks so much for saving my life. I owe you my life. How can I

repay you? Thank you so much.

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  • For now Jason should just stay indoor to avoid story that touches the heart. Thank God that the car didn’t hit him

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