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Hush – Season 1 Episode 8 [Completed]

Episode 8


They went into the car, drove to a filling station to fill up the tank

again and went to lodge in an hotel. Jason took two executive rooms beside

each other. Then, they went to a nearby store to get some clothes, shoes,

undies, toiletries, phones and new sim packs. On getting back to the hotel,

Jason had decided on what to do.


Jason: Uche, I want to call my lawyer.


Uche: for what sir? Let’s be careful as we don’t know who is working with

your wife.


Jason: first and foremost, can you call me dad? Please?


Uche: da…dad….dad


Jason: thank you. Well, you are right. I don’t know who is who. I need to

contact my business manager, my bank and my lawyer.


Uche: you know what, dad? Let me do the calling and from our conversation,

we will know who is in it and who isn’t.


Uche took Jason’s old phone to call the company’s manager, Mr Alex.


Alex: hello Mr Okeowo.


Uche: this is not Mr Okeowo, I am sure you are aware that he is late


Alex: so, who is this?


Uche: I am the police officer who saw his body


Alex: okay…how may I help you?


Uche: I am still waiting for someone to come claim the body. I tried

reaching the madam I spoke with this afternoon, but it has not been possible


Alex: how did you get my number?


Uche: it’s among the last dialled numbers and saved as ‘my manager’.


Alex: okay ooo….what do you expect from me now


Uche: to come claim the body


Alex: didn’t you say you will donate the body for medical experiment?


Uche: did I? When?


Alex: when you spoke with madam this afternoon


Uche: oh, you were there….


Alex: yes….ehmm…I mean, no….she told me when I couldn’t get through

to my boss and I had to call her number


Uche: okay….when will you be coming for the body


Alex: which body? ..oh…yes…I will get back to you by tomorrow. I need

to contact his family.


Uche: okay…but you should be fast about it, if not we will donate the

body for experiment


Alex: it’s alright…. I’ve heard you, officer…..( And he hung up)


Uche: hello…hello…..

See this man…. He hung up on me….he didn’t even ask how you died….


Jason: no probs….enemy 2 known….Hmmmm… Alex is in this too

….what is this world turning into?. End of the world? Aaaalex……

someone I picked from gutter, I polished him, made him my right hand man

and virtually left everything in his care….he doesn’t want to know how I

died or what happened to my body…. He sounded unaffected by the news of

my death….Hmmmm. Yoruba have said it all. They say “close your eyes and

pretend to be dead to see who will cry sincerely for you; walk wobbly as if

you hit your leg and see who will say tell you sorry”…. Within 12 hours,

I have seen the true colours of my supposed close family members…..I

actually regarded Alex, a family member.. ..but see how he repaid me….

look at my wife of 5 years….I didn’t know who I have been living

with….but I still don’t believe she actually wants me dead…..for what?

She has access to all my accounts….I set up numerous businesses for

her……she travels as if she’s just going down the road…. even as she

hasn’t given birth yet, I still love her……why will she wait till now to

kill me? She has had many opportunities to do so in the past. Why wait till

now? Who could have misled Bridget? Oh God!!! What have I done wrong? Have

mercy, Lord…have mercy…


Uche: it’s okay dad, it’s okay. Thank God she didn’t succeed.


Jason: yes, thanks to God and to you, Uche my boy. I owe you my life. But I

need a private investigator to handle this issue for me. I want answers to

the 5Ws and H of this issue


Uche: which one is 5Ws and H again oooo


Jason:( laughed) what, where, why, when and how….I need to call my

account manager.


Uche: okay, but we still need to be careful. Let me do all the calling for



Jason: okay my chairman ( he laughed again and laid on the bed. Within

minutes, he had slept off.)


When Uche noticed Jason had slept off, he removed his shoes and cover him

up. Then he made a call…..


To be continued

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