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Hush – Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 7


Jason: ( sobbing) someone should just wake me up!!! Haaa…. Amy! Amy!!

Amy!!! I looked for her.. oh.. how I searched for her… I didn’t even know

that she was pregnant… I went back to the village before I traveled but I

was told she has been sent packing. I came back to Lagos, had a fight with

my parents and flew out of the country for my masters. .. Hmmmm.. so, Amy

is dead? Dead?


Uche: ( stood up) wait.. wait… Wait!!! What are you saying sir? You know

my mother? … Are you my father? Please, let me know sir…. because she

suffered oooo… She really suffered… Ahh… Mamiii… Maleee…. You

didn’t wait to enjoy…..


Jason: I am Jason Segun Okeowo. She knew me as Sege.. we were deeply in

love but when I told my parents about her, they refused, saying they won’t

allow me to marry an ibo lady. I planned to go back and bring her down to

Lagos but unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere. I informed my

parents about my intention to marry Amy after service but they didn’t want

to hear about. They said they don’t want” omo ibo”, in their words. Father

processed my travelling to US, so fast that I couldn’t do anything. A day

before I traveled, I went to Anambra state to look for Amaka but couldn’t

find her. I was told she wasn’t living there again. I came back dejected

and travelled abroad for my masters. I never knew she was pregnant. Nobody

told me anything. ( Sobbing) so, I have a son. I have a grown-up son.

Ughhh….. This life!!! Full of mysteries….


Uche: so, you are my father. Wonderful!!! Just wonderful!!!


Jason: yes, you are my son. It is really wonderful. ( And they hugged and

cried at the same time)


Uche: well, you should know you can’t go back to your house today again.

You can lodge in an hotel and rest, so we can watch her next step.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who she might be working with.


Jason: that’s true oooo. I didn’t think of that. What do I do now? So I

can’t go to my own home again… Do you know I built that house? Yes, I

did. I married Bridget just 5 years ago. After Amaka, I couldn’t get

someone to love me for who I am. They all love what I am. Come to think of

it, you must be close to 20 years old now, am I correct? But you look older


Uche: yes you are absolutely correct sir. What a good memory you have!!!

It’s the situation I found myself that made me look old. I’m still a young

guy sir


Jason: You know what? Despite my being sad earlier, I am the happiest man

on earth now. It’s getting late. I need to get an hotel to lodge in and we

have some catching up to do. Also, we need to plan how to tackle this

Bridget issue. Let’s go.



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