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Hush – Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6



Jason sat on the floor beside his car at the side of the road, listening to

the conversation. He was dumbfounded. He kept on staring into space. Even

when the mechanic hung up, he still couldn’t utter a word.


Mechanic: sir..sir… I’m so sorry you had to hear this. Some women are

just too evil. I had to do this so you can know the kind of woman you call

your wife. Get up sir. Let us not draw attention to ourselves. Get into

your car sir.


Jason got up slowly. The Mechanic made a move to open the driver’s side

door but he refused and pointed at the passenger side door. He opened the

door for him, told him he would manage to drive the car with the tyre to

the nearest vulcanizer. Jason only nodded and handed over his car keys to

him. The Mechanic drove the car to the nearest vulcanizer and gauged the

tyre. Still, Jason didn’t say anything. The Mechanic paid and drove off to

an eatery. He asked Jason to come down from the car, which he did without

uttering a single word. They both walked inside, sat and the mechanic

ordered for a bottle of water and snacks for Jason, which he paid for,

again. Jason just sat, looking at the snacks and water on the table.


Mechanic: oga, I’m afraid haven’t said anything in the past one

hour now…what is it? Pull yourself together sir. It is not the end of the

world. Thank God I was there…what if no one had seen her…. please sir,

forget it and move on with your life. I know it will hurt you but then



Jason: ( cut in) what’s your name?


Mechanic: ( at loss of words at first) ehmm…my name is Uche Okeowo.


Jason: nice combination…Ibo and yoruba name…. And coincidentally, you

bear same surname as I, Okeowo. Tell me about yourself


Uche: well…. it’s a long story…mother…Ibo, father… yoruba. Never

knew my father but learnt he came to serve in Anambra where he met my

mother. They fell in love and promised to marry each other but then, the

man came to Lagos and my mother lost contact with him. She found out she

was pregnant and her parents threw her out. She came to Lagos in search of

her love but didn’t see him. She stayed with a distant relative where she

gave birth to me. The relative’s husband sent her out one day when I was 14

and we ended up on the street. She died of pneumonia when I was 18 years

and I couldn’t continue my education, so I ended up a mechanic. That’s my

story sir.


Jason was just staring at Uche while he was talking. Then he asked,

” What was your mother’s name? And which local government did he serve in

Anambra state? ( Jason was already sweating)


Uche: I have forgotten the local government but her name was Amaka Okonkwo.


Jason: mo gbe!!!! I am dead!!! Why me!!! What happened!!! Haaaa ….what is

this? What is happening to me? This is too much in one day…..tell me I’m

dreaming…. Please, wake me up!!!!


To be continued

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  • Mogbe!!! Jason is the mechanic’s father. God works in a miraculous way, see how God just unite them miraculously

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