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Hush – Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5


The Mechanic dialled Bridget’s number with Jason’s phone


Bridget: hello, dear… Are you okay?


Mechanic: hello. Sorry, we found this phone beside a car. And after

searching the body of the man, we found your name and number as the next of

kin in a pocket book


Bridget: sorry, wrong number. ( And she hung up)


Both Jason and the mechanic were perplexed. Jason asked him to call her



Meanwhile, Bridget had gone to Alex’s place after leaving Jason. Both were

dancing and drinking when the call came in.


Alex: why did you say wrong number? How do we get information now? That’s

not good.


Bridget: I was just shocked and didn’t know what to say. Should I call his

number back?


Alex: no, don’t. Let’s…..


Call came in again


Bridget: hello


Mechanic: aren’t you Mrs Bridget Okeowo?


Bridget: yes, I am. What happened? Who are you? And where’s my husband?


Mechanic: I am a policeman. I saw your husband on the floor beside his car



Bridget: he is dead, right? He has been poisoned by that man


Mechanic: poisoned? Were you there?


Bridget: noooo.. I saw him last this morning at home.


Mechanic: how did you now know that he has been poisoned?


Bridget: I…. I… Em…. Since you said he died, what else could have

killed him?


Mechanic: did I say he died? And which man did you say, killed him?


Bridget: it would be that mechanic that helped him fix the car. But isn’t

he dead?


Mechanic: how did you know that a mechanic helped him fix his car?


Bridget: my husband tells me everything. We spoke several times after he

left home this morning.


Mechanic: okay then. Can you come over to where his car is?


Bridget: tell me first, is he dead? And I don’t know where his car is



Mechanic: yes he is. Thought he would have told you since you said you

spoke several times.


Bridget: no ooo… He didn’t tell me. Please, take his body to the

mortuary. I will claim it later for burial.


Mechanic: no probs. Or should the police send his body to the medical

school for experiment? To save you the stress of going to the mortuary..


Bridget: you are too kind. Please, do that. ( Then she started crying when

Alex signalled to her to cry.) My darling husband.. ( sobbing) haaaa… How

can I live without him now?


Mechanic: it’s okay madam. You still need to come down to our sta….


Bridget: I can’t come ooo… Even he knows…knew…that I have been sick

for some days and can’t get up at all.


Mechanic: it’s okay. We will come visit you at home. Send your address to

us now.


Bridget: no need, as I am not at home. I told you I have been sick so I’ve

been staying with my parents in the village. I will call you later if you

can give me your own number. What’s your name?


Mechanic: sergeant Meko. Okay. Bye then. ( And he hung up)

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  • Chaiii… The husband will be so shock and heartbroken at this kind of thing. Who would believe that your wife u care will plan evil against you.. Its well

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