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Hush – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

All the while he has been talking, Jason was just looking at him. Finally,

he said, ” what gave you the idea that my wife wants me dead? What gave you

the right to tell me all that? What’s your business with the way my wife

talks or behaves? As nice as you said I am, I could be wicked, saucy and

very bad. How can you say such thing about my wife? Please, you have helped

me today and I appreciate it. Don’t let me get annoyed with you. Give me my

drink and go your way. ( He wanted to take the drink again but the mechanic

refused to give him. Instead, he moved close to a stray dog and poured out

the drink into a plate and placed it in front of the dog. The dog ran away

and he went back to the car. He told Jason he was sorry for what he said.


Jason,: it’s okay. Just help me change my tyre, let me go.


Mechanic: I’m sorry sir, but I can’t.


Jason: can’t or won’t?


Mechanic: I can’t. ( He suddenly looked towards the path by the road and

screamed)..heeepaa… I told you ooo…..see? What did I tell you? (

Pointed at something by the road side)


Jason: what is it? Lord help me today ooo…why are you screaming?


Mechanic: can’t you see, sir? The dog is dead!!!


Jason: which dog? That dog? ( He moved closer to get a better look) Lord!!!

It’s the one ooo… What? How? When? Haa….. Is it the drink? It can’t

be……( He went up and down the road; went to the car; came back and just

stood, looking at the dog)


Mechanic: you see, oga, I like you and don’t want you dead. I saw madam,

putting something like a pill inside your drink and before that I overheard

her side of a conversation with someone on phone, when I came back from

buying fuel. So, I started watching her.


Jason: I still find it hard to believe. My wife? No, it can’t be. For what?

I gave her everything she needs. No, it’s not possible.


Mechanic: oga, give me madam’s phone number, let me call her and put it on



He gave him her number, as if he was in a trance and he dialled it.


To be continued

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