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Hush – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3


Bridget saw the mechanic, looking at her through the side mirror of the car

and she got annoyed.


Bridget: excuse me, do you have a problem? What are you looking at? Dirty

pig, better hurry up and do what you’re paid for, instead of looking at

another man’s beauty.


Mechanic: beauty? Who? What? Under the car? I no see am… ( And he

laughed) for your information, I was just wondering what a nice man like

oga is doing with a lousy, ill-mannered, stupid and ugly woman like you.

(Bridget got down from the car and raised her hand to slap him)…if you

dare? Dem no born you well. Haaa….. I will beat you die…. you and who?

Nonsense.. gerroutahere….( And he continued pouring fuel in the tank with

a small hose while Bridget was just looking at him, wondering what type of

human being was he. Then, Jason came back)


Bridget: there you are darling. How far? Were you able to get something



Jason: no, I didn’t but I got drinks and those small biscuits


Bridget: for who and who? Am I a kid that will eat 20 naira biscuit? Just

bring the drinks. ( She took the drinks from him and noticed 3 bottles)

haba, Jay, you want to take 2 bottles? No way. I’m keeping one till

tomorrow. It will be too much for you.


Jason: who said I’m drinking the two bottles? One for each of us…. You,

my brother there and I….shikena


Bridget: which of your brothers? You call that thing, your brother?

Nonsense. Biko, step aside let me go and sit.


Jason: na you sabi, just give me two bottles and the biscuits.


Bridget: aren’t you paying him? Why should you feed him again? Rubbish.

Just take this one and give him, then come back to take yours, so we can

drink together.


Jason took the drink and went to meet the mechanic.


Jason: my brother, thanks. How far now? Take this to cool down in this hot



Mechanic: thanks sir. I’m almost done. I must confess, you are really a

nice man. God will continue to protect you.


Then, a call come through for Jason and he excused himself to answer it.


Meanwhile, Bridget has opened the two drinks with her and she put a pill in

one, which dissolved instantly. Then she drank her own. When Jason ended

his call, he went to the car to take his drink. Before he could open it,

the mechanic called him.





Mechanic: sir! Sir!! Sir!!!( He called urgently)


Jason: what is it? ( He was clearly alarmed. He got down from the car,

still holding his drink and went to meet him.)


Mechanic: I wanted you to help me hold the hose but I have done it.


Bridget: stupid fellow…see I am going to get something. Let me know when

you finish your nonsense.( And with that, she stopped a bike and went away.


Jason: Hmmmm. Don’t know what is wrong with her. Anyway, help me change the

back tyre. It has gone down a little. Take the spanner.


Mechanic: I ….I …. I mean….I don’t……


Jason: you don’t want to help me? I understand, considering all my wife

said to you. But I’ve said sorry. ( And he opened the bottle to drink from



Mechanic: noooo!!!!!. Don’t drink it!!!!( And he took the bottle from him.)

Take my own, oga, to quench your thirst. But not this one


Jason: ( laughed) what’s wrong with you? I bought the drink by myself. Give

me jooorr


Mechanic: no sir. Didn’t you notice that it has been opened before?


Jason: I did but I know it will definitely be my wife. She might have

tasted it before giving me. Give me, I’m really thirsty ( and he made a

move to take the bottle from him)


Mechanic: oga, I can see that you are a nice man and you don’t deserve to

die, at least, not now. I saw her put a pill in your drink a while ago. To

put my mind at rest, let me give that dog over there some, to drink. If

nothing happen to it, then I will apologize and return the money you gave

me for my services but if something happen to it, then you pay me double.



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  • Hmmmm it’s really good to be nice,u t is his act of generosity and nice attitude that is about to save him

  • That mechanic is an angel sent to save jason. God knows that Jason is a good man, that’s why the mechanic appeared from nowhere to rescue jason

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