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Hush – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Back in the car, Bridget put a call to someone.
Bridget: hello Alex. How are you?

Alex: I’m okay. Is it done or why are you calling me now?

Bridget: done ke? Far from it. Our car stopped at the middle of the road
and we had to push it to a side. We haven’t even gotten close to the
restaurant. I’m just tired.

Alex: where is he now? For I know you wouldn’t dare call me had he been
there with you.

Bridget:( she laughed) yes ooo. He has gone to look for what to munch.

Alex: then, you don’t need to wait till you get to the restaurant

Bridget: of course not. It will be done right here. I only pray we get to
leave here on time. I just can’t wait…

Alex: okay. I will be waiting, as planned, right?

Bridget: right….( And she hung up, only to look up to see a pair of eyes
looking at her through the side mirror).

To be continued

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