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Hush – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 8]



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Story Title: Hush

Episodes: 8

Category: 18+

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Episode 1


“Ohhh..what type of rubbish is this now? Just when you have planned to get

to a place fast… What could be wrong with this car now?.. Bridget

complained to her husband, Jason


Jason: BJ, I have always been telling you to exercise patience. Every

disappointment is a blessing in disguise. You don’t know what God is

preventing us from or preparing for us.


Bridget: okay ooo…. mister patience…I just want us to get there on time


Jason: women!! ( He got down to open the car bonnet. Stared at the engine

and just leaned on the car. Bridget joined him.


Bridget: what is wrong now?


Jason: I really don’t know. Hope we can get help, here.( He walked up and

down the road but didn’t see anyone. Then a man appeared in a Mechanic

outfit. Jason heaved a sign of relief and called out to him.)


Jason: hello mister. I can see that you are a mechanic. Help me check my

car, please. It just jerked and stopped. Please, come and take a look


Bridget: which one is please? Will he do it for free? Look here, check

what’s wrong with the car and hurry up, we don’t want to be late.


Mechanic: madam, you are not my employer and besides, I have a place to

go.( And he turned to go)


Jason: Bridget!!!! What’s wrong with you? Watch your mouth. My brother,

please, I’m sorry. Just help me take a look at the car. You should

understand women now ….


Mechanic: it’s because of you ooo, oga. Let me have a look. ( He turned to

the car, checked the engine, carburetor and the oil, then he said) oga,

it’s the fuel. The fuel….


Bridget: ehen… I knew it. A quack mechanic..I filled up the tank

yesterday, now he said no fuel.. rubbish. Comot joor..


Jason: Bridget!!! Haa!!! Please don’t mind her. Could it be that the fuel

gauge is not working? Because it reads almost full now. Come and see


Mechanic: definitely the fuel gauge is faulty. There’s a hole on the tank

from where the fuel probably leaked out from.


Jason: so what do we do now?


Mechanic: oga, fortunately, I have something to block the leakage but we

need to go get fuel in a keg to be able to move this car to the filling



Jason: no probs. How much will it cost?


Mechanic: just 3k sir and we can buy 5 litres fuel.


Bridget: I know ooo…just to block a small hole, 3k, na wa ooo….

opportunist…. it’s not your fault…just be fast about it..( and she went

back to the car to sit)


Jason: my brother, just forget her and take 10k. Do whatever you can, to

make us leave here.


Mechanic: okay sir. ( And he set to start work on the tank after which he

stopped a bike to go get fuel.)


Jason told Bridget that he is peckish and wanted to munch on something. So

he went down the road to look for an eatery or burger shop.


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  • Women and their bad mouth sef. If not that your husband is a good man the mechanic would have left you there stranded. Pompous woman!!

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