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How To Know When A Nigerian Woman Catches Feelings

Nigerian women aren’t the most communicative people, some times. When they catch feelings for Nigerian men, they won’t exactly in straightforward terms. They prefer playing a complex game of “Read My Mind” to tell you that they’ve caught feelings for you. Here a couple of signs that show you a woman is in love with you.

1. Cooks for you

Rightly so, women are becoming less inclined to cook for men. So if she cooks for you, mama don love up.

2. Calls you “Big head”

Especially when you know your head is small.

3. “Do you have any new movies”

Even though she knows its 2020 and they didn’t release new movies because of COVID.

4. Laughs at your dry jokes

You know deep inside you that you’re not funny.

5. Calls you “Ode”

That woman is lost in the sauce.

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