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How I Lost It (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 4

He made a U-turn and drove towards the ‘station’, which was really just the campus security post. Sat in the back of the van, I got to see my boyfriend drive behind us, with the third officer in the passenger seat in which I had, just moments ago been deflowered. Through the windscreen, I could see him still trying to reason with the police officer, no doubt repeating the same stupid argument he had put up earlier. The police man was looking pointedly out the window, obviously refusing to engage. But Emeka just wouldn’t stop talking.

How did I end up with such a silly guy for a boyfriend? Suddenly, everything about him started to irritate me. How he got overly loud and crude when we were among his friends; how he didn’t quite know how to pair the right shoes with the right outfits; how his trousers always seemed to hug his overly skinny frame in the most unflattering way; how he switched to Pidgin English on occasions where utmost decorum was needed. He also had an annoying habit of ‘packing’ when he stood in public and I remember trying to talk to him about it on several occasions, but old habits really died hard in this particular instance. Not like there was that much to ‘pack’ anyway, which I had only just found out this evening.

Yes. That. I cringed inwardly as my mind went back to the scene in the car. Somewhere down there between my legs, I felt very weird. And it wasn’t just the pain. It was the memory of strange – having him inside me had felt strange. Sure enough, my mind had focused on the pain. But in retrospect, I realised that there had been other things to feel; like the fullness of him inside me, stretching me; the friction as skin rubbed against whatever my insides felt like. The sounds he had been making as he thrust each time also came into focus in my mind; they were grunts really, weird animal noises that I had never heard from him before. One more thing to be irritated by, I thought. I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to shower. I wanted to wash all of it away. But that wasn’t happening any time soon, as the van pulled to a stop and I had to clumsily get out without landing on my face.

We were now at the ‘station’. I wondered if I was going to be booked for prostitution since I had nothing to identify myself with, well except my notebook, which was still in my boyfriend’s car. We were led into the security building and directed straight behind the counter. One of the officers who had come in with us shouted to the orderly at the counter:

“Book these ones for loitering. We catch them for under tree. Dem dey play love dia. Stupid children.”

“No mind dem.” the orderly chimed in response. “Dem send dem go school but na so so rubbish dem wan dey do. My friend, come and write your name here.” His instruction was directed at Emeka.

My stomach dropped to my feet. Not only was I to suffer the humiliation I had been through on that night, but it was also to go on record, a record which was traceable. It was almost too much for me to deal with. I watched as my boyfriend pleaded and argued and lost. He wrote his name and the orderly crosschecked with what was on his ID card and asked him to go sit down. It was my turn to write my name.

“Where is your ID card?” I was vaguely aware of the fact that that was the second time I was being asked that question in less than an hour but my mind was working on something completely different. “My ID card is not with me sir.” I said very calmly. I took the pen without further ado and wrote a name that wasn’t mine, a faculty that wasn’t mine and a course that wasn’t mine. There was no way a first class student at the top of her class was going down in the school records for loitering, especially with a daddy like mine waiting for me at home. The orderly had nothing to verify my name against, and I fervently hoped that he wouldn’t call on my idiot boyfriend to come check the details. I was lucky. He asked me to go sit down.

I moved towards the sitting area and it was only then that I realised that there was someone else behind the counter. A girl. I will never know if she was a student or not. She looked totally mad! Her hair was in uneven clumps with sizable gaps where someone (maybe herself) had obviously scissored through. She looked like she had been dressed for a night at the club – strapless black and white striped top, black bum shorts and pantyhose which were in tatters. She had no shoes. I concluded that she must have gone mad at the party. She was sitting on the floor. And she was in chains. I figured that they had put her in chains because she may have been trying to run away. She looked long and hard and quietly at me, saying nothing as I walked past her. I was tempted to go sit by my boyfriend, but he wasn’t exactly my favourite person at the moment, so I found a corner to sit by myself. I needed to just be on my own.

As soon as I sat down though, Emeka came and sat next to me.

“These guy are just crazy.” He started to whisper, but I stopped him midsentence with a palm in the air.

“I don’t want to talk about it. We’re here now and we better do what they say, so that they can let us go.”

“But they’re not even willing to tell us what to do so we can get out of here. I tried to offer the guy that came in my car something. But he wasn’t ready to play ball.”

I couldn’t believe my bad luck. Not only had he had the lamest argument to offer, my amazing boyfriend had also attempted to bribe a security officer. I was now convinced that we were going to ‘sleep’ behind the counter that night.

“I need my notebook.” I said.

“Ahn ahn! You want to read here?” he looked incredulous.

“Yes. I might as well. I don’t know when they’ll let us out. And exam time is 8.30am. No one is going to change the time just because we got detained.”

“Ok. I’ll go ask if we can get your note.”

I watched him walk up to the orderly and have a brief chat. Apparently, the other officers had gone back out on patrol, probably to round up more unsuspecting students loitering about. Emeka and the orderly both went outside and then came back, Emeka with my book in hand.

“Thanks.” I said as he handed it to me. I figured it would be damn near impossible to assimilate anything but I needed something to focus on besides my thoughts, and besides the events of the night, even if I was going to be reading the same lines on the same page over and over again. Emeka tried severally to make conversation, but he eventually gave up when I pointedly stared at my book, refusing to answer. It was now 1.15am and I was counting the hours till 5am when my Bunkie would wake up and find that I wasn’t there. I changed position several times on the hard bench as the night wore on and I wondered what was going to happen next. I was worried about missing my exam, because there would be no bigger humiliation for a first class student than having to do an extra year because she missed a compulsory exam, never mind that the reason was that she had been out messing about with a boy.

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