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How I Killed My Husband: Season 1 Episode 6

“Er… Erica… what.. what.. have you…?” Samuel stammered as blood flooded the room.

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Immediately he fell in the ground and gave up the ghost,I screamed and collapsed just as I heard the door open.

I opened my eyes to see myself in a room. I blinked against the light and tried to stand up but I couldn’t.

I looked down at my hands and saw they were already handcuffed.

I was immediately frightened.

“Who’s there! Where’s my baby!” I shouted.

The door opened and a police man came in. I quickly knew where I was.

Questioning room.

The police man who was very built and straight stood in front of me, looking down at me with his hardened face.

“You have the right to remain calm,madam.

You are in the police custody for committing murder. I will advise you comply.” The police man whose name I later learnt,was Inspector Dike said.

His words did not bother me. I just wanted to know where my baby was.

“I will comply only if you tell me what I need to know.

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Where’s my son?” I said, trembling.

“Your son is fine. Worry abiut yourself.” Inspector Dike said as I breathed in with relief.

The door opened and mama came in. Her eyes were so puffy and red.

She let out a loud cry as she pounced on me, knotting me tightly on the neck.

“You killed my son! You murderer!! You shall rot in jail!”mama cried as she slapped me severally.

Another police man came in and dragged her out.

My heart had become so strong. I felt no regret or guilt. Infact I was relieved that I killed the beast of an husband.

“Tell me all I need to know. Why did you kill Mr Samuel, your husband?” Inspector Dike asked me, bending towards me on the table.

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I said nothing. I only turned to glare at him with my red eyes then looked away. “You think remaining silent will solve this mess you are into?

You shall be dealt with before you will be taken to court. Be ready to go to jail.”

Inspector Dike said with a hard voice and left the room.

I stared into the dark, weeping inside of me.

Later that afternoon,I was taken to another small room and I was locked up.

My close friend, Esther came to see me. She was full of tears.

“Why,Erica why?” Esther asked me. “I never knew it was as bad as this. Why did you not tell anyone this? Not even me?” Esther asked.

Uncontrollably tears rushed down my face. ” Esther. You don’t need to cry for me. I don’t care if I’m jailed for ever for this. Just help me look after Christopher.” I pleaded.

No! I will make sure you get out of here! This is a case of self defense! Yes,Erica! You must come out of this place!

I will get a good lawyer for you and together we shall win this!” Esther said, holding my hand.

Just then,a loud laughter roared from behind.

“Look at them! Self defense? Did you say self defense?

I shall deal with you! You shall rot in prison!” Mama shouted,coming forward.

Esther turned to face her, staring at her straight in the eyes.” You think you will win this! We shall see!!” Esther said.

Mama laughed, staring back.” Yes we shall see in court tommorow!”


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Sorry this episode is short..the next will be longer.

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