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HOW I FELL IN LOVE WITH OLD WOMEN [21+] – Season 1 – Episode 4 [Completed]


Episode 4

I woke up the next morning with the same knock on my door it was Anita she told me she has accepted to be my date and also brought me food she left  afterwards after I thank her  l

Gave her small thing for transport I was very happy and was also thinking about how would I cook that morning until god sent her to me.


Its has been about one month of our relationship and I haven’t even had a call from my sugar mummies maybe they had forgotten me and I too need to move on but wait oo I need about 100k to propose to my girlfriend this next week so and I am also very horny let me call them (sugar mummy)  Na since them no won call me I picked up my phone and dialed my sugar mummy number and we discussed for a while.  Can I come over I asked her on the phone?  Yes i need your services right now I was happy and went to her one hand rubbing my dick as I was driving the other on the steering I got there and knocked immideatly she opened up I rushed her and gave her the fuck of her life for straight 3 hours we we’re fucking I did 2 cum shots and afterwards I left with a check of 300k I was overjoyed going home and felling like drinking beer I went in to a beer parlour and drank alot I felt slightly drunk and knew I couldn’t drive back home I lodged a room at the guest house. But something tolde to come outside and relax. On going outside I went with a packet of oris cigarette and sat at a chair where light couldn’t reach and started smoking  

After a while I saw a figure coming and behold it was Anita walking into a room with man.

Jesus!!! I exclaimed. So this girl is a proustite I thought within me I decided to walk behind her like a waiter and decided to know what she is up to.

Episode 5 is that way👉👉

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