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HOW I FELL IN LOVE WITH OLD WOMEN [21+] – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

Early the next morning I woke up from a knock on my door at exactly 7:15am it was Sabinus I opened the door and met him standing outside after our usual greetings.  He informed me that she was  to give me a reply the next day. I thanked him  and as usual I went into my apartment and brought out 10 thousand naira raw cash and handed it to him.  He Was very happy and even hugged me.  All this one for me he kept on saying to himself.  I was happy at least I had seen the one to marry by the time I had made about 10million naira in my sugar mummy job and when I eventually get married 💒 I would start my own business.

I woke up that morning and did my usual morning chores by the time I was felling very horny. That was just my life I easily become horny I phoned one of my sugar mummy and informed her I was coming over to her house

I got there at exactly 8am and on reaching her house my dick was already erected I knocked two times and received an answer from someone telling me to come in I went there and immediately I started ripping out our clothes I took her to her bedroom and fucked her for two hell of hours. Fucm Fucm I felt my balls hiting the walls of her pussy i she gave out a cum shot and after that I slept off on waking up I informed her I was leaving she gave me 100k cash I was happy and felt satisfied I drove home. and went to party with some friends.

I went in to sleep after the party and waited patiently for the next day

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