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HOW I FELL IN LOVE WITH OLD WOMEN [21+] – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

I woke up the next morning  from a call from my sugar mummies she instructed me to meet her at a particular hotel by na Deroj hotels

I got dressed and went straight to meet her immediather l on getting there by 7am I met her on the sofa eating she left what she was eating immediately she saw me, we greeted and she introduced me to someone a tall dark lady wearing a short mini skirt exposing her sweet tights she was between the age of 40-42 by the way my eyes hoped so to be. After handshake with her she introduced herself. “My Name is Diana” she said. Ohh my name is Friday I replied almost immediately.  Felling happy because I know she was soon going to be my sugar mummy, I left them there gossiping about me. I went to the barman and took a few shots of whisky and later to the restaurant to grab lunch, after about 30minutes I got a call from my sugar mummy invite to go meet the woman at a specific room.

Room 346 I kept on saying to myself as I checked all the rooms finnaly I got to room 346 and met her half naked with a towel she gestured on the cleaner to take her leave immediately she set her eyes on me.

She told me to sit on the bed next to her for a chit-chat I was already felling horning by then

She started massageing my laps close to my dick and I started enjoying it to my pleasure I gently pulled out her clothes and she had already started giving me blowjobs I fucked her permentaly for two hour giving her two good cum shots on the mouth we both slept

Exhausted I told her I was leaving already and she asked for my account number I have it to her and went into my car and on driving home I got an alert of 300k I was happy at least I had seen a life sponsor overjoyed I went into my apartment  and slept off the next day was a Saturday and I was eagerly waiting on Sabinus news so I slept off with mixed fellings


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  • I pray you don’t get a favourable reply cos you don’t worth her with your life style

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