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HOW I FELL IN LOVE WITH OLD WOMEN [21+] – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]

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Episodes: 4

Category: S*x, Romance, Love

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My mame is Friday and I hail from Nsukka of the great Enugu state I started my career of being a sugar boy at the age if 28 I was introduced to it by a friend and alas I started enjoying  old women’s pussy. I had already had a Toyota Camry as a birthday gift from one of my many sugar mummies.

I did just one job which was to fuck them to stupor I  I enjoyed it though but it felt always awkward to me and I really needed a life partner there was a girl in my compound named Anita she was a black beauty and pacakge well for back and front she has a figure 8 shape and she always walk with dignity and was very respectful on the way she greeted me every morning I have a friend in the next flat by the name Sabinus he was always close to her and they chat always. One faithful day I decided to visit Sabinus and tell him to help me ask her to be my girlfriend. On approaching his house I saw him sitting in the bare floor on his veranda thinking and Soliquizing to himself.

“Boss I hail o” I said to him looking surprised he stands up to meet me after handshakes and exchange of pleasantries, I asked him what was happening he said he had rice and stew but no meat on it, I said ” OK na make we go buy suya chop for junction. Thank you sir he said immediately smiling and satisfied within himself.


We walked to the junction together  about my proposal about me dating Anita and made him help me talk to her about my proposal and convince her I’m the one for her and I would always give her anything she wants.

” OK sir no problem no just worry about that one I go handle that one.

No be lie that’s why you be my padi na. I said rubbing my shoulders on his.

On getting home we met Anita already home I went straight to my own part on the apartment and slept off.

Episode two is next doors👉

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