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Honorable Secretary (18+) – Episode 13

She continued dancing with her eyes closed as if she hadn’t heard my request, then abruptly stopped, walked purposefully over to where I lay spread-eagle on the bed, climbed on it, opened her mouth and slowly swallowed my J0yst!ck all the way to my balls.

The m0an that emanated from my throat was an involuntary reaction, poo felt so good.

Toyin maintained eye contact with me as she slowly and methodically proceeded to sU-Ck my brains out, my toes curling and flexing in sync with the motions of her warm moist mouth.

Slurp and sU-Ck, slurp and sU-Ck she went, while her hands kept moving everywhere from my shaft to my Tips and balls. She alternated deep Drinking my meat with teasing round the glans with the tip of her tongue, sending crazy feelings shooting everywhere. As soon as she noticed my balls starting to contract, she paused and slid up my body to give me a long languorous kiss before she went flat on her back and spread her legs wide.

“Come feast on this dish papi. Come and gobble this [email protected] up like a starving person at an all – you – can – eat buffet.”

Needing no further invitation, I dived right in, licking and lapping at her cute [email protected] lips and cl!t while she rolled and ground her waist in response, dragging my head closer to make sure I didn’t stop. She tasted so good I kept eating till she suddenly arched her back and let loose a small scream from the depth of her soul, bucking wildly against my lips. When her vibrations eased up, she climbed astride my still stiff J0yst!ck and let Ciara’s ‘Ride’ and Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’ motivate her as she bleeped my brains out just like she had promised, till it all ended in one long searing burst of Pour.

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After the fireworks of the session, we stayed entwined and gisted in low tones while gathering energy for the next round until a loud bang outside tore through the night, startling both of us.

“What’s that?”

“I don’t know she replied”, half rising from the bed. Another bang followed, this time sounding much closer.


She nodded, although hesitatingly.

Terror instantly seized me. If indeed those were shots and armed robbers were in the area, there was cause for worry. What if they came here? I jumped off the bed and scrambled for my boxers, then rushed to the CD player and pulled its plug.

“Put on a nightgown or something” I instructed in a hushed tone before I rushed to the sitting room to switch off the lights and check on the doors then returned to the bed where we both stayed still, ears cocked to pick up any sounds. Each second that passed was like an hour and I was finally beginning to think we had misjudged the sounds when we heard the wail of approaching Police sirens followed by a volley of shots and more shots.

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“I think that’s the Police.”

Toyin, her eyes huge with dilated pupils didn’t say anything but grabbed and sq££zed my hand for comfort. If only she knew I was as scared as she was. That was how we stayed for hours even after silence eventually returned outside. We didn’t get to sleep till the early hours of the morning.

I was grumpy from lack of sleep throughout the next day at the office Work was crazy as usual and although I personally didn’t feel like doing anything except looking for a corner to curl up and fall asleep in, I had to earn my daily bread.

Madam Ayiri buzzed me just after lunch.

“Seke baba. Long time no chook.”

“Madam, how you dey? How Daddy?”

“Hmmmmm Seke, Daddy dey o. He finally left this morning but somehow I just use style wish he nor even come at all.”

The way she sounded piqued my interest, so I probed further.

“Why na, you didn’t enjoy the visit?”

“At all o. It was like the man just came to Lagos to eat. All the time na so so chop chop. You won’t believe we only knacked once and even that once sef na push me I go, like say na work. Once in almost two weeks, haba!”

“O ti o! You didn’t give him baby okwu?”

“Seke, even me I can’t explain his behavior.

Of course I recommended it but he didn’t even bother. For somebody that has been away for three months plus, toto nor just hungry am.”

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I had to laugh at that.

“But e dey hungry some of us sha.”

“I trust you my Seke. You nor dey look Uche face like some people wey go see toto begin pick teeth. Preek dey hungry me sef, make I show this night?”

I thought about it for a second or two. With the mood Madam was in, even if I said no there was absolutely no guarantee she still wouldn’t come when it suited her. One might as well grab the freebie.

“Okay then, no problem madam.”

“Na my Seke be that. See you tonight.”

“Roger that.”

I’d barely put my phone back on the table when Susan showed up.

“Hi Susan, I don’t remember calling you.”

“No sir, you didn’t. I just decided to come and check on you. I noticed your red and puffy eyes this morning and you looked as if you needed to rest. You still do in fact. Are you okay sir?”

“Oh that. Yes I am, just had a rough night with virtually no sleep that’s all. I’m sure they’ll clear up once I manage to get some rest.”

“Okay Sir. Just in case you need anything, anything at all, you can call me.”

I told her I surely would keep that in mind. As I watched her walk away I wondered if the emphasis on ‘anything’ was as I perceived it or just my twisted mind at work.
Time will kukuma tell.

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