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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 7

We got to our school, WISDOM GATE NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL (one of the best, not the best but one of the best school in town.

Their standard of teaching was very good.

Their facilities and equipment was up to standard. Building and everything was super but the most amazing thing of all is the girls, you will get to know them soon) we arrive at school on time.

Me: na wow o, dem still dey assembly self.

Samuel: we too come early, mtcheew!!
He hissed. We got to our line where we stood (ss3 line) and observed the morning devotion.
About an hour later.

We were in our class learning mathematics.
Me and Samuel were sitting at our favourite spot, the back seat.

The mathematics was so hard that I couldn’t concentrate anymore. I looked around me and smiled, some of my classmates were sleeping.
Joy was sitting at the back but at another corner, she was reading a story book but she kept the story book in the middle of her mathematics book. She was sitting with Anita and Bola, her two bestie.

They were both pretty and truly speaking, there were also good on bed. My eyes caught Bella, the cutest girl in our class.

She is so beautiful and pretty. I have already made a mental note to bleep her one day. She is also rude towards guy making it difficult for us to approach her.

Paul and Peter were playing games on their android phones. Frank was busy typing, I assume he is chatting with a girl and Evans was busy looking at Bella in lustful way, the thing really provoked me enh.

I felt a paper hit me at my head and fell down, I picked the paper and they was a text inside,
“meet me inside the science lab now.

I looked around and she was nowhere to be found. I smiled, Faith is a very beautiful girl, not like Bella but she was d–n pretty.

Her long hair, nice complexion and cute eyes made her my best s-x mate in school.

Me: excuse me Mrs fatima.

Mrs Fatima: ok, any problem?

Me: I wanna go and use the rest room.

Mrs Fatima: ok but don’t stay long.

Me: no problem ma….

I said as I walked out fully smiles. I like the ever cute Mrs Fatima. She doesn’t have any problem and was very nice. Being a geek in the science class, I was the best in mathematics and she considered me her favourite student.

With full speed, I entered inside the lab and saw her at one corner. She smiled and entered a dark spot where they wouldn’t see us. I followed her lead.

Faith: I got bored of the mathematics that’s I why I needed something to cheer me up.

Me: *smiling* and what could that be….

Faith: *scoffed* the BEAST of course.
I laughed

faith: hurry, we don’t have anytime.

Me: ok.
She pulled my trouser down and brought out my d–k, she smiled as she held it with both hands.

Faith: I so much love your d–k, it’s so big and wild.

The name BEAST really fits it.

Me: hahaha.

Faith: come to think of it, did you do a d–k job (meaning I used machine to expand my d–k)
before I could tell her no, she put the crown of my d–k in her mouth and started sU-Cking it.

Me: yea!! I lovee thatt!
She continued sU-Cking the tip before she started giving me a proper blow job while her hands were busy wanking my d–k. It felt so good.

Her mouth couldn’t take all my d–k in but the little she was able to take really made me feel so light headed.

Me: yeaaaaaa babyyy!
She continued sU-Cking my d–k as she squat before me. Then, she did what surprised me. She held my butt with both hands and pushed me more into her mouth giving me a deep throat.

I instantly became excited as the BEAST got in contact with her osephagus. The feeling was so great that I exploded my c-m directly into her throat and she swallowed everything.

She brought out my d–k and started coughing.
Little drop of my Pour were seen falling from her mouth.

Me: that was so good. Thank you very much.

Faith: *coughs..coughs** you are welcome.

She said and regained her self back. I wanted to wear my trouser back when she grabbed my BEAST giving me a cold stare.

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