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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 50

Why is all this thing happening to me now. It’s totally not fair. I have exams to write and I am supposed to disvirgin my girlfriend today but now, this news is about to spoil everything.

Jenny: I am pregnant.
She said to me as if I couldn’t read. I looked at her with fear all over my face and she smiled.

Jenny: don’t worry. No one will know about it, I will keep it a secret. Heavens knows that I have always wanted a child so thank you.

She said to me smiling while I couldn’t speak. I later left her room and walked pass Samuel who was busy calling me but I didn’t answer him.
I entered inside my room and picked my phone, then I quickly dialled Bella’s phone number.

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Bella: hello love, exercise patient am coming.

She said while I nodded my head in disapproval.

Me: stay at home, please don’t come again.

Bella: why??

Me: just don’t come.
I said and ended the call. I remembered how I suffered before wooing her and all the brainwashing I did just to make her agree to sleep with me but here am I, chasing her away.
Am I doing the right thing.

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My phone rang again and I picked it up, it was Mrs Halima that was calling me.

Me: good afternoon ma.

Halima: good afternoon. What is wrong with your voice?

She quickly asked.

Me: nothing.

Halima: well, I just called you to inform you that I am……

Me: *heart racing* you are what?

Halima: pregnant, I am with your child.
She said and my head began to spin round and round.

Halima: don’t worry. I will place it upon my husband and your secret is safe with me.

Me: how will you place it upon your husband?

Halima: he has been at home for the past few weeks and we were f—–g each other through out.

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Me: so?

Mrs Halima: he will agree your child is his.

I couldn’t talk again. The call ended up and I was over scared, have gotten two women pregnant so soon, I will be a father of two. God help me.

I wanted to pray and ask for forgiveness of sins when a message came into my phone. I opened it and it reads..

“I am pregnant,
I fainted.

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