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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 5

I woke up weakly and my mum was sitting besides me. She was very worried thinking something bad has happened to me.

Me: mum..
I muttered weakly.

Mum: Idris, oh thank God you are awake.

Me: yes mum, what really happened.

Mum: I was coming back from the shop when I saw you fell down from afar. I was so worried so I ran to meet you lying down unconscious and I took you inside.

Me: ok mum, thanks but now, I am strong.
I said as I tried to get up.

Mum: wait, take this.
She said handing me a tin of peak milk and a bottle of maltina. I smiled, just the exact thing I need to refill my Pour box.

I drank the malt and milk and within few minutes, I was totally revived.

I got to to our sitting room and my little brother was there watching sponge bob on the tv.

I looked around and saw some of his books on the floor. Its obvious he is through with his assignments.

Farouk: bro Idris, you are awake thank God. Do you know you really got us scared?
I just smiled as I ignored his question and went outside. The whole place was dark and there was no light around.

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Time check 8:39pm
The worst thing was that they was no light, the useless Nepa did not even bring light for us at all.
I decided to go and meet Samuel my friend. Since his room is next to ours, I got there and knocked. His mum came out and I greeted her.

Me: good evening ma.

Samuel’s mum: good evening Idris.

Me: please is Samuel inside.

Samuel’s mum: no, he is at their Rose’s house.

Me: thank you very much.

I walked passed their samuel’s room, walked pass their Amaka’s room when I decided to stop and check on her.

*knocked on the door*

Mr Johnson came out and I greeted him.

Me: good evening sir, please is Amaka inside?

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Mr Johnson: yes he is. Amaka!!!

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He shouted.

Mr Johnson: Idris is looking for you.

He said and moved inside. Few minutes later, Amaka came out and we moved a little distance away from her house.

Me: I came to check on you, hope you are alright?

Amaka: yes but my p—y still hurts.

Today’s s-x was something else. Please next time when you want to f–k me, take it easy please.

Me: alright but the feelings I got from your p—y drove me mad that’s why…

Amaka: *blushed* as if it’s not the same p—y you have been f—–g. Abeg let me go inside and complete my assignment joor, tomorrow is school.

She said and entered inside her house though she were holding the walls for support.

Just two rooms away from Mr David’s room (where Samuel is) that is Musa’s room and Jennifer’s room.

I was passing by Jennifer’s room when I heard a sound that made me stop. Hope you guys all know Jennifer, the Sekxy young soldier that lived in room 5.

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I was hearing m0ans and soft sounds coming from inside her house. Thank God, a rechargeable light was inside her house. I peeped inside through the window and what I saw drove me wild.

Jennifer was lying on a couch, she spread her legs wild. She was wearing a gown but the gown was short and with her legs wide enough, I could see her white and blue pant that was shifted to one side.

Then her middle finger was busy entering inside her halfly exposed p—y. D–n, the site was so e—-c. I never knew that Jennifer was into self servicing.

She kept fingering herself to an extent she started to shake vigorously and I knew she was about to c-m, within minutes, she exploded and bit a pillow in other for her not to shout.

I was still peeping when someone touched me on my shoulder, BUSTED!!

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