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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 48

I was laughing and Samuel was busy laughing too as I wore my cloth.

Me: why you dey laugh?

Samuel: same reason as you too.

Me: which is?

Samuel: the lie wey you blow for the young girl now.

We both laugh out loud again.

Samuel: but Idris, don’t you think it’s high time to stop this wayward life?

Me: stop wetin?

Samuel: this your life, remember karma is real.

Me: too much Philippines film. There’s nothing like karma here in Nigeria and believe me when I say this, you have to live life to the fullest because you will get to live once.

Samuel: but what you are doing is it life, you are just killing yourself.

Me: says who?

Samuel: me, well as for me, I don’t change. I confess everything to my mum during the fellowship. The pastor pray for me then I ask for hee forgiveness.

Me: she forgive you?

Samuel: why not, she ask how many girls I dey sleep with and I tell her just one, Ruth. She say we dey use condoms and I say no. She come tell me everything about unprotected s-x. That is the dangers which are STDs and unwanted pregnancy. She say the best thing for now is abstinence. Now if Ruth come back, she go talk to her and her parents too.

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I laughed out loud as soon as he is through.

Me: ode like you. Wait, hope you no include my name?

Samuel: yes, I no include your name because na you get your life so it’s up to you.

Me: very good. So how e go be?

Samuel: *smiling* you don gree to repent?

Me: no, I mean how e go be. Arrange Ruth for me make I dey grease her p—y since you want retire from the game.

He just shook his head, dropped my physics notebook and went out why I gave out a loud laugh. So Samuel don repent, hmmmm.
Time check.. 7:30pm

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I lay down on one of our couch watching a p–n movie clip I downloaded where the guy was f—–g the girl directly in her a-s.

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I smiled as my d–k was fully erected. I must have that Anal s-x someday.

“Knock” “knock”

Me: yes, come in.

I said and aunty Jenny walked in majestically with a good flask in her hand. She was wearing a shirt skimpy gown that all her laps we’re outside.

Me: good evening Jenny.

Aunty Jennifer smiled before replying.

Jenny: good evening boo. How have you been?

Me; just the way you left me.

Jenny: as sorry. Have been very busy. You know the nature of army work now.

I feigned an angry face at her as she dropped the flask and walked to me.

Jenny; I know how to make it up to you.
She said, walked up to me and began to massage me. Wow, her hands were magical and soon, my beast was fully erected.

Jenny: it seems the beast is in need of attention.

She said and removed my short. Without wasting time, she came down and started sU-Cking it. D–n, I have miss a head a lot.

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So I will eat pussies but won’t have my d–k eaten up, they must pay and I know how, anal s-x.
Speaking of Anal s-x, I think I have a victim right here with me.

Without any warning, I turned her over pulled up her gown and pulled down her pants while she laughed.

Then I went straight to her a—–e using my tongue, I started licking her a-s.

Jenny: gawwddd…………IDRIS where did you learn that. It is is amazing. Ohhh…goshhh…

She was busy shouting while I was lubricating her a—–e with my tongue.

Then after much lubrication, I placed the head of my J0yst!ck and push.

She wanted to stop me but it was too late, I pushed with a mighty force just to allow the head pass through.

Then pushed again harder for about an inch to enter and she gave out a loud scream.

Jenny: arghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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