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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 46

Me: I love you.

I said again without thinking. She was caught unaware and kept quiet for a long time that I became shy.

Me: am so…so…sorry.

I stammered in shame as she was still quiet. Seriously, I don’t even know my true feelings towards her Love or Lust?

I know that I love Bella with my heart and will like to keep a relationship with her but, the BEAST is also throbbing, trying to enter a v-hole. That should be lust.

But be it love or lust, What I felt for Bella, I haven’t felt so for any other girl before.
I was still deep in thought and didn’t know that Bella has parked all her books and was standing at the door post.

Bella: Idris I will be going now.
She said and I stood up immediately, we both came outside and as I was locking the door, Amaka passed by.

She stopped, looked at me, looked at Bella and me again. She gave a long hiss, eyed me and then walked away.

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I was fortunately enough as Bella was on a phone conversation so didn’t she take note of Amaka looking at her wickedly.

Me: we can now go.
I said and we both walked away.

Bella: I thought I heard someone hissed? Was it that girl that passed by?

Me: yeah. We are both having problems that’s why.

She kept quiet till we reached Bori camp gate where she found a Taxi going over to her side. I payed the taxi driver and watch as the taxi zoomed away.

I ran back home and fortunately, Samuel and Amaka was sitting outside discussing. As soon as Amaka saw me, she wanted to run away but I was quick enough to catch her by her hand.

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Me: Amaka we need to talk.

Amaka: talk about what?

Me: about Bella, the girl you saw me with.

Amaka: oh that LovePeddler, go on.
I nearly slapped her but decided to keep my cool for now.

Samuel: Bella, the one in our class?

Me: yes, she came here.

Samuel: to do what?

Amaka: to f–k him of course.
Samuel turned to her with disgust.

Samuel: Bella isn’t a w—e. She is one of the most discipline girl in our school.

Me: yes, thank God you saw her with her physics book because we were working on our assignment.

Samuel: abeg gimme your key.

Me: why?
I asked giving him the keys.

Samuel: I need to copy the assignment. Me and my mum go fellowship the time wey Bella come here.

He said and ran off. I held Amaka’s hand and apologized to her but she wasn’t buying it. I wanted to kneel down and beg when she held me and took me up.

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Amaka: is alright.

Me: so have you forgiven me?

Amaka: maybe.

Me: common, why maybe?

Amaka: there’s something you need to do to seal your forgiveness.

Me: which is?
She gave a naughty smile, licked her lips and looked at my crotch. Now I understand her, and yeah I love her way of forgiveness.

Without any further delay, we both dashed inside our house and Samuel started laughing.

Sam: dem they pursue una.

He said as he took my physics book, winked at me before leaving. Before I could say Jack, Amaka was already on top of me, kissing me very hard.

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