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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 45

Me: *surprised* you!!!

Bella: surpriseeeee!!!

Me: but……but……

Bella: come on, will you let me in?

Me: Oh forgive me am sorry. Please come inside.

I said as I shifted and made way for her to enter inside. Thank God I bought two bottles of coke. Without wasting time, I opened the remaining one and gave to her.

Me: but how were you able to locate here?

Bella: haa, who does not know bori camp in port Harcourt?

Me: but who showed you our block?

Bella: I was asking anyone I could fine. The first people seemed like novice but then, I met a man who showed me these block and your room..

Me: what did you tell the man?

Bella: that am looking for the house of warrant officer Garba, the one who was transferred to Abuja.

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She said as she drank the coke slowly.

Me: and who told you the rank of my dad?

Bella: haa, is this an interview?

Me: hahaha……sorry.

Bella: you once bragged about it with Samuel remember?

Me: oh true.

There was still one last question in my mind, what is her purpose of coming here but I couldn’t ask her. Everywhere was silent for a while before she spoke again.

Bella; I guess Samuel’s house is the next to yours.

Me: yes. It’s like he went out with his mum.

Bella: no problem. I came here base on the assignment given to us. I know that if I have told you to come over to my house, you would have let me down again.

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Me: *smiling* not so.

She smiled and wow, this girl is really beautiful.
She wore a red gown with roses designed on it.

Me: so what did you tell your parents?

Bella: that I am visiting a friend who will help me out with my assignment. They saw me with my physics book so they didn’t ask any questions.

We starred at each other for a while before we sat close to each other and began to solve the questions together.

we were both through with the questions and was sure that we are scoring everything as we made sure we solved everything correctly.

Bella is very intelligent but her brain power has limits when compared to mine.

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Our books was kept aside as we were busy chatting with one another. I wanted to make the first move, that is kissing her but couldn’t.

It will be a crime for a girl to visit me without me taking my three points but I can’t take advantage on Bella.

Bella: Idrisss!!!

She shouted jolting me back to life.

Bella: what were you thinking? I was calling you for about 5 minutes now but you didn’t answer me.

Me: sorry, I was thinking about you.
I said without thinking.

Bella: meeee??? What’s up with meeee.
She said stressing the me again.

Me: I love you!!

I said without thinking again.

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