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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 43

I stepped out only too see Bella walking towards the restroom. I followed her from behind and waited for as she entered inside the rest room.

She came out, looked at me and gave a long hiss. She was about to go when I held her hand.

Me: Bella.

Bella: leave me Idris. What are you even doing her?

Me: I came to apologize to you. I am sorry I didn’t come over to your side on Saturday.

Bella: is that all?

She said in a disgusted tone.

Me: no, I didn’t come because my parents were on a transfer to Abuja. They left on Sunday so on Saturday, we were busy conveying their loads into the truck that will take it to Abuja.

Bella: *with a changed tone* so you’re home alone?

Me: yes. My brother went with them but I couldn’t because my waec and neco fees which has summed up to a hundred and ten thousand naira has already been paid so if o leave, I will just have to pay another amount as huge as that over Abuja.

Bella: OK I get it, you were busy on Saturday and..

Me: am also sorry I didn’t call you.
I said interrupting her as I made to kneel down before her but she quickly took me up.

Bella: is alright. Please don’t kneel before me. I have forgiven you.

She said and I hugged her tightly. She held me for some seconds before letting me go.

Me: so did you do the assignment?

Bella: yeah but couldn’t do number seven and eight.

Me: let’s go and do it together.

Bella: *with her cute smile* alright let’s go.

We entered our class but was d–n late as Mrs Halima was there already.

Me and Bella quickly greeted her but the look on her face wasn’t friendly and it got me confuse for a second.

Mrs Halima: where are the both of you coming from?

Me: I am coming from the balcony, don’t know where Bella is coming from.

Mrs Halima: young lady, where are you coming from?

Bella: from the restroom.

Mrs Halima looked at us suspiciously for a moment before she let us go to our different seat.

Mrs Halima: Idris, take their assignment and bring to my office right now.

Without wasting any time, I collected everyone’s assignment and followed her to her office.

I dropped the assignments but refused to go.

Mrs Halima: can I be of help to you.

Me: yes ma, please can I do number seven and eight of the assignment you gave us?

Mrs Halima: here, what happened?

Me: my dad was transferred to Abuja so they left on Sunday with my mum. On Saturday, I was busy all through conveying our load to the truck.

Mrs Halima: so you’re home alone?

Me: yes.

Mrs Halima: you can come stay with me you know?

Me: thanks but it will look suspicious.

Mrs Halima: alright. You can do it here but be quick.

Me: OK, thanks a lot.

I stylishly took out Bella’s notebook and solve the assignment. I was about to go when Mrs Halima walked up to me and gave me a deep kiss.
Before I could say Jack, I was busy m0an!ng into her mouth. Without wasting time, she ran to door and bolted it.

Mrs Halima; I need a quickie please..

Me: here in your office?

Mrs Halima: common boy, make it snappy.

She was on all fours with her a-s facing me.
Without thinking, I walked up to her raised her gown and shifted her pant, I was about to sU-Ck her p—y when she shouted.

Mrs Halima: common enter me now.

She said and I brought out the beast, shifted her [email protected] again and entered her from behind with full force.

Mrs Halima: uuuhmmmmmmnn!!!!!!!
She m0aned.

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