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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 38

The remaining days were stressful and uneventful as we were busy trying to convey our loads to the truck that is taking them to Abuja. To be sincere, I am d–n happy my parents are leaving.

The d-day finally arrive. My brother who had taken a transfer letter from our school was now happy as he looked forward to his new school in Abuja.

Since my dad is an expert in driving, my family will move to Abuja in his car and oh, our loads have already been taken to Abuja the previous day before the d-day.

The house was now empty for me. However there left a television, DVD player, my bed, a stove and an electric cooker, about two plastic chairs with other things they think I will be needing.

Dad: here, manage this little money for now, we will send more as soon as we settle down in Abuja.

Me: thank you very much dad, you are the best.

I exclaimed as I took the money from him and kept it in my pocket.

Mum: be a good boy, don’t stay out for long. Always read your books, don’t play much especially when you are cooking before you burn the whole block. Don’t forget to switch off the electronics when sleeping or going to school, don’t………

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My mother keep on giving me advice till I became tired and confused. Samuel who was by my side was just laughing.

His mum was there, Mrs Johnson, Amaka’s mum was there, Mr and Mrs David was there, Aunty Jenny, Musa, Ruth, Rose and Amaka was there too.

Almost everyone in our block was present there since it was a Sunday and most people do stay at home.

My dad have to interrupt my mum before she stopped. He reminded her of the journey at hand and she entered inside the car. My little brother was sitting at the back seat as my dad kicked on the engine and rolled the car away from the parking lot.

We waved goodbye and soon, the car zoomed off, straight to Abuja and honestly, am gonna miss my family
Aunty Jenny: Idris, whenever you are hungry or in need anything, just come to me.
Aunty Jenny said and I smiled. Mrs David, Mrs Johnson and Samuel’s mother have all been saying that same words to me.

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Me: thank you aunty Jenny. You’re the best.

She smiled and walked away. Me and Samuel entered inside our, sorry my house and sat down watching one adult xxx rated movie.

Not long afterwards, we heard a knock on the door.

Me: come in.

I said after changing the channel.
Rose and Ruth came in. I was surprise because they only entered our house once in a blue moon.
Rose came and sat close to me while Ruth sat close to her boo, Samuel.

Rose: it seems you guys are enjoying yourself.

She said as she saw us relaxed in a comfortable manner. I quickly put back the movie we were watching.

Ruth: what’s the title of the movie?

Me: s-x and the city.

Rose: haba Idris, it haven’t been a day your parents left and here you are watching p–n.

Me: wetin, concern me?

Rose: nothing concern you right?

Me: yes.

She just smiled and continued watching the movie with us. Soon, the intensity of the s-x scenes became much that I couldn’t handle it again.

My beast suddenly sprang up and Rose chuckled. I peeped at Samuel and yes, his J0yst!ck was high up in the air too.

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The thing that pain me most was that I couldn’t tell if the twins were turned on or not.

I saw the look in their eyes, demanding for s-x but they were shy as they haven’t had s-x at each other presence before.

I held on Rose and gave her a deep kiss, Samuel immediately followed suit like the sharp guy he is.
After about 5 minutes of intense kiss, she drew back.

Rose: this isn’t right. I can have s-x in front of my sis.

Me: says who?

Ruth: but, but….

Samuel: it will be fun. Moreover you are f—–g me and she is f—–g Idris so what is bad about it?

The two twins looked themselves and began to speak their native language.

They argued for about ten minutes before they stood up and walked to the door as if they wanted to go outside only to lock it and turn back.

Me: three points

Samuel: on the way

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