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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 37

My mind was on a 100 meter race as I was scared, d–n scared. Maybe my secret has been blown up. But wait, which of my s-x machines would have done so? That I don’t know for now.

Dad: idris.

Me: *fright full* yes sir!!!

Dad: I know you’re surprise to see me so early. Well I should be back two months from now but lately everything has changed. I am among the few soldiers that we’re recently posted to Abuja on an urgent purpose.

Me: *breathed down in relief* haa, that is very good. I heard Abuja is nice. Congratulations dad.

Mum: yea it is but the problem is, in less than three days, we are parking from this house to Abuja. We have paid for your waec and neco fees but leaving now will be a loss to us.

Dad: yes. If we go to Abuja, I will have to pay another hundred and ten thousand naira for the registration.

Me: that won’t be good o. So two hundred and twenty thousand naira will now be used just to register me for waec and neco that is bad now.

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There was silence for awhile as Everyone including my younger brother was thinking.

Farouk: I have an idea. We can leave brother Idris behind. Once he is through with his examinations, then he can join us in Abuja.

My brother spoke out with a smile on his face.

Me: wow, that will even be better o.

Mum: what? Leaving you home alone? Never!! Whose gonna take care of you.

Dad: common dear. He is old enough to take care of himself and for now, that is the only option we have except we are ready to pay another one hundred and ten thousand naira again.

Me: common mum, I am old enough to take care of myself.

My mother was still not positive with my younger brother’s idea. Her body language says so.

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Mum: am not sure this is a nice idea o.

Me: common mum. I will be fine.

Dad: yes he will be fine. I trust idris my boy. We will be sending money to him through his account. Everything will be fine.

After much persuasion, my mum finally gave in and I was very happy, gonna flex like mad. I love the thought of being home alone.
I got outside and found Samuel sitting down on a beach drinking garri and groundnut.

Samuel: oga oo. Well done. Come join me o.

Me: thank you my guy.

I joined him and we started drinking the garri together.

Samuel: so what’s up. I saw Mrs Halima leaving here not long ago.

He asked chewing the mixture of garri and groundnut in his mouth.

Me: ha, I done score my three points o.

Samuel: what!!!! Na lie you dey lie.

Me: i dey craze to lie. I don score my three points I swear.

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Samuel dropped the spoon in his hand while I continued drinking the garri.

Samuel: how manage?

Me: no long story oo.

Samuel : I am willing to hear o. Tell me everything from the beginning.

I told Samuel everything from the scratch and he was filled with surprise.

Samuel: *after listening to my story* chaii my guy you too bad. You don destroy our aunty p—y oo.

Me: forget that thing joor. My parents won travel leave me for house o.

Samuel: yea, I know because them tell my mother. Wow, if them leave you e go make sense o.

Me: I think?

[/B] Samuel:[/B] yea. I dey come make I go keep this cup.

Me: alright. Bring card make we play o.

Samuel: yeah I will.

I am happy today. After f—–g my teacher, I just heard a good news. Today is awesome. Home alone things on point.

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