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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 36

After the hot s-x section with Halima, she couldn’t move or turn. She just lay down with her legs spread widely apart to low air in.

Halima: d–n it, you ravaged my p—y.

Me: so how was my performance.

Halima: very perfect. I thought you are a p–n star or have been involved in p–n castings. Your beast is do big that I can’t even walk properly. You are too much.

She said and smiled. My beast twitched as she pinched my n—-e. I guess she must have found out as she quickly jumped on leaped to the bathroom.

Halima: over my dead body for me to go another with you. for now, I don’t want to be paralyzed.

She got into the bathroom and took her shower before coming out.

Halima: you can now go and have your shower.

She said holding the wall for support as she walked to the other side of the room to change from the towel she hung on her waist.

I stood up from the bed and walked straight to the bathroom where I took my shower before coming out. I couldn’t find Halima in the bedroom so I concluded that she was in the sitting room.

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After wearing my cloth, I walked to the sitting room and she was there on a couch watching television.

Halima: have you……

She couldn’t finish her statement as my phone began to ring. I took and it was my mom that was calling me.

Me: hello mum.

Mum: Idris, where are you now?

Me: am still with Mrs Halima.

Mum: alright but be quick in coming home. There’s something important we have to discuss together.

Me: alright mum, I will be right back soon.
I said and she ended the call.

Halima: your mum right?

Me: yea.

Halima: what did she say?

Me: she said I should come home ASAP.

Halima: alright, come lemme drop you off.
D–n, why will she say that? I was planning on visiting omolola but now she’s trying to put sand in my garri.

Me: oh, thank you but….

Halima: no but, please help me up let’s go.

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Me: you see, you can’t even stand properly. There’s no need in disturbing yourself about it.

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Halima: is there somewhere you wanna go after here?

She asked catching me by surprise.

Me: erm.. erm no!!

Halima: then let’s go.
Since Mrs Halima has suddenly disrupt my plans, I decided to text her via whatsapp about the latest development. I also apologize to her promising to make it up to her next time.

Halima: erm,, Idris.

She was the first to break the silence as she drove me in her car back to my house.

Me: yes Mrs Halima.

She looked at me surprised. I knew what she wanted to say, about keeping our s-x escapade a secret.

Me: you look surprise. Well you are Halima in your house but when we are outside, I rather call you Mrs Halima give you all the respect you deserve and keep our s-x escapade a secret.

Halima: woow!!! Honey you’re the best.

Me: thank you very much.

Halima: thanks also for the s-x, you are a machine. I love it very much. I think we have a problem.

Me: which is?

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Halima: my p—y will still be longing for the beast.

Me: and my beast will gladly ravage it.

We both laughed as she pulled up and parked in front of our house. We both came down and walked inside our house.

The door was left unbolted so I just entered without knocking and Mrs Halima followed from behind.

I was surprise to see my dad and mum with little brother there.

Mrs Halima: good afternoon everyone. Peace be unto this house.

Mum & Dad: good morning Mrs Halima.

Dad: please sit down. Farouk, please get her water to drink.

Halima: ah thank you. I just came to drop Idris. I will be leaving soon.

Mrs Halima spent little time with us before she stood up and left.

I wanted to escort her but she declined. After she left, I sat down and the look on my parent’s face scared me.

Dad: idris we have something important to discuss right now.

Me: (gen gen)

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