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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 34

Continues from the last episode.

I smiled a little bit, why is she shouting? I thought she was eager to see the beast, why is she now shouting?

Halima: wait Idris, you mean you’re this big, I am damned for sure.

Me: hahaha. You’re not damned at all, my girlfriend use to take it in, so I believe you can do so to.

I made sure I use the word girlfriend instead of our school girls use to take it in.

Halima: alright, lemme give it a try.
She said but I knew that she was still scared. I made sure I fingered her p—y so that it will be even wetter before I slowly drive in the beast.

Halima: ouchhh!!

I stopped for a minute, till she regained herself, then I continued to push my d–k inside her sweet tight p—y bit by bit.

Halima: oh my, I think I am full. Your beast is splitting me into two.

I smiled, she haven’t seen anything yet. I more hard t—-t, I was fully buried in her. I waited for about ten minutes for her to get use to me. She held me tight as her fingers drove deep into my bare back.

After sometime, she has gotten used to my beast inside of her. I started f—–g hers slowly at first, making sure I hit her deepest part with each t—-t.

Halima: gawd!! You this boy you’re something else. F–k me harder please.

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And that was my cue, i started digging into her with fury. Each t—-t I make, i feel a little tight canal around the tip of my beast and I guess from that part upwards will be her womb.

Halima: ahh, yea oh ouch,…you.

.are hitting my ouch womb.

She m0aned while I continued digging in and out her p—y. I stopped as I raised both legs and dropped it on my shoulders, then I continued f—–g her again, only this time it was deeper and I felt myself trying hard to enter her tight womb.

Her p—y wall gripped my beast so hard that i thought it wanted to split it into two. Then without any warning, I felt a massive wave of o—-m flood through her p—y hole.

Halima: I am not sure I will walk again after this, you’re killing me. Ahh…agrhh.

She said after she has gotten herself from her heavenly o—-m. I wasn’t anywhere close to my own o—-m, maybe the multiple s-x sections I had with Jenny has made my own o—-m last longer than normall.

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Halima: please am tired, I wanna rest a bit.
She said but I don’t give a d–n. This is pure partiality. Why will she deprive me from my own o—-m. I continued f—–g her but slowly this time. I bent my head slightly as I took her t-t in my mouth.

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Halima: yea baby, I love you.
After sU-Cking the t-t for a while, drew out the beast from her, turned her over till she was on all fours. Instead of placing my d–k inside, I decided to give her a head.

Halima: lovely.. I love it..
She m0aned as she felt my tongue on her p—y. I s—-d her swollen libias and c–t and more p—y juice flowed from her fountain. When I noticed she have regained herself, I entered her slowly from behind.

In this new position, otherwise known as the d—-e style, I had a nice view of her big a-s and made sure my hands got to work immediately.
I held her butt so tight as I rammed into her honey pot with all might and fury in me..

Halima: please oo, take it.. take it….it easy b..b..before you
.my..womb.. Ouch ouch ouch.

She m0aned endlessly. I didn’t heed to her advice, I continued ramming into her tight p—y, trying my best to enter inside her womb but the opening was too tight for my beast to slip through.

Soon, my o—-m started building up. The feelings was too much for me that I didn’t realise in time as I shot my hot c-m directly into her womb.

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Me: arghhh,…ahhh…yeah.
We both fell down exhausted. She was facing the bed and I was still on top of her with my limp d–k inside her p—y.

Her a-s felt good on my g—n area as it lifted me up a little.

Halima: you are a s-x machine. No wonder.

Me: no wonder what?

Halima: never mind, wait a minute, you released in me?

Me: yeah.

Halima: d–n. You shouldn’t have done that.

Me: oh, sorry!

Halima: Well never mind. I know what to do.

Her p—y juice was still flowing out, making the bedspread wet. I started moving my waist up and down her a-s and it felt good. The pound of flesh there was so soft and soon, I became hard again inside her.

Halima: holy Moses.
She shouted when she felt me hard again in her.

Halima: no nooo. I won’t do it, I am tired.
She said but it was too late as i was on top of her and she below. Since my d–k is inside her, pining her wasn’t any problem as she was too weak to fight me off.

I started ramming into her p—y all over again.

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