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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 33

The kiss we shared together was so hot that my lips felt like burning. I love this hot and Sekxy teacher of mine.

With great joy and happiness, she didn’t break off the kiss this time around and wanting to take it to another level, my hands moved downwards as i grabbed her two gigantic b—-t.

Boy oh boy! She wasn’t wearing any bra as expected so I gently sq££zed her b—-t while she gave a slight m0an.

Her b0s0m were so soft, I tacticaly raised her gown up and she surprisingly stood up with her two hands up in the air signifying i should remove the gown for her.

With much pleasure, I removed the gown and threw it to God knows where. She was wearing a yellow pant and wow, she looks so hot. I never knew that this woman is well endowed.

That is because of her clothes. She do dressed neatly and fashionable but as a Muslim, her clothes are not too tight hiding her accessories very well.

Fatima: will you sit down and look at me all day?

She asked and my cheeks turned red, I never knew I took much time starring at her beautiful body. I lay her gently on the bed as I kissed her again, before kissing her earlobes and her neck.

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Fatima: oh yea, make me feel like a woman once again..

She m0aned and I smiled. I planted kisses all the way till I landed on her b0s0m. Starting with the left, I made sure I lick round the aeroles before take the t-t inside my mouth.

Fatima: ouchhh!!

She exclaimed as I bit her t-t. I smiled and continued my mouth magic on her t-t while playing with the right one in between my fingers. After spending much time on the left t-t, I could sense the right one growing jealous so I quickly changed over to the right t-t and played with the left.

Fatima: oh Idrisss, you are so good, oohhh yeeaa!

She m0aned and I feel like showing her how good I am. I left both t–s and traced my way to her crotch planting kisses along the way.
I got to her pant covered p—y and I could see her swollen lips from the cotton like material. I traced her p—y lips with my fingers and she jerked upwards.

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I smiled, then drew her pant down until I finally got rid of the pant. Her p—y was hairy, though not bushy. Well anyhow, I wanted to show this Sekxy teacher of mine how good I am so nothing is going to stop from doing that.
I wanted to attack the p—y with my tongue when she held my face quickly.

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Fatima: what are you doing?

Me: erm, trying to taste your p—y.

Fatima: yuckk, that is disgusting.

Me: wait, you haven’t had your p—y eaten before?

Fatima: yes of course. My husband doesn’t do that and I find it disgusting and wait, you know that is my pee hole right.

Me: yea but relax, you will love it.

Fatima: can we just skip this process?

Me: no.

I said and forcefully opened her closed legs.
Without waiting for any opposition, I took one of her libias in my mouth and s—-d it pretty hard.

Fatima: ohhh, ahhh, please stopp,… feals goood, ahh.

She m0aned and I interchange the libia. I took the second inside my mouth and s—-d it pretty hard. She started to shout

Fatima: Don’t stopp…i love uu..don’t stop please..

She was now shaking and I knew that she is close. Without any further delay, I took her most sensitive part, her c–t in between my teeth and my face was splashed by wave of wave of o—-m.

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Fatima: my gawwd… i feel like dying.. This is soo good. Ahhhh!!

I can’t help but laugh. Seriously? She feel like dying. Well let her wait, I still have three points to score.

Fatima: *recovering from her massive o—-m* I haven’t felt that way before. This is my first o—-m, thank you Idris.

Me: you’re welcome.
I said astonished. It seems her husband isn’t that good on bed.

Fatima: alright, I heard the girls talking about the beast. I think its high time I see it for myself.

What!! To say I was embarrassed and shy was an understatement. So those f—–g girls have been gossiping about me in school. D–n.

Fatima: don’t worry about those girls. Just bring out the beast and ravage my p—y now.

Me: with pleasure.
She think she can handle the beast, then lets give it a try. I removed my boxer and the beast sprang up joyfully.

Fatima: Allah-Wu-a-kubar

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