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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 32

We remained in that spot for a while. Her head resting on my shoulder and one third of her massive b0s0m pressed against me.

Me: *cleared my throat* you told me yesterday that we have something important to discuss, something that has to do with my performance in school.

Fatima: please don’t be angry with me. I did so because I am always lonely, no friends so I lied just to get you here with me.
Men!! Like seriously? Why me? I am the cutest guy in Port-Harcourt, not the richest and not also the most friendly type of guy but what ever made her choose me to keep her company, I will be damned not to give praises to that thing. Be it an idol, a person or just a reason.

Fatima: I know you must be thinking less of me. Is alright, you can still go home if you want.

It was then I realised that I was quiet for a long time.

Me: no, don’t get it all wrong. It’s just that am somehow surprised and happy. You choose me to keep your company and I will try my best to do so.

Fatima: thanks.
She said and relaxed more on my body. I used summoned the courage to and threw my left hand around her, waiting for a while, she didn’t push the hand away and I was glad.
Using my other hand, I took the remote control. Since the cartoon they have been showing is over, I decided to check on JOY TV to see if they are being displaying any action film.

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However, I made a mistake in pressing thee station’s number or maybe I didn’t. In our DSTV, joy Tv was stationed at number thirty.
Thinking her was same as ours, I just pressed the number thirty on the remote and kept the remote at the table in front of me.

A channel that I know very well that isn’t Joy tv popped out and was displaying the legendary film, “SPARTACUS”. I was shocked to the bones, though they haven’t started their s-x scenes, it looked as if I am familiar with that Tv channel not knowing that I was searching for Joy tv.

Fatima: spartacus.
She giggled and for a minute, my hand stopped in its fluid motion of picking the remote to change the station.

Fatima: this movie is interesting. Have even watch all seasons.

I will be damned not to say I am surprise as my Jaw dropped.

Me: that makes us even. Have you watched “GAME OF THRONES”?

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Fatima: yea, all season.

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I started calling many seasonal s-x movies and she had either watch all, or stopped half way. We were still in our discussion when the m0an!ng from the Tv drew our attention as Dominus was rewarding his triumphant gladiators with Lovepeddlers.

The s-x scene on the Tv became so tensed I didn’t know that her hand was on my crotch. She started massaging my beast through my trouser and it rose to full length.
Fatima however withdrew her hands, I guess she is shy but men, I gat to do everything within my power to score THREE POINTS with this Sekxy teacher of mine.

I waited for a while, looking at her with the side of my eyes. I made sure she was about to turn and say something to me when I tilted my head towards her and engage her in a hot kiss.

This way, I made it look as if it was a coincidence of our faces turning at same time. She didn’t break off the kiss and men! She was a great kisser. Just then, she withdrew her head and looked sideways. One could easily tell that she is still feeling guilty some way.

Fatima: sorry Idris, we shouldn’t be doing this.

I gave a short laugh. This is a perfect example of “THE FLESH IS WILLING BUT THE SPIRIT ISN’T WILLING”

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fatima: why are you laughing?
She asked but i cut her short with another kiss, then this time around, I pinched her n—–s and she m0aned into our kiss before she shifted back again.

Fatima: sorry, we shouldn’t..

Me: *placing a finger on her lips* shhhhhh!! That’s the reason why you called me here, I know. Truth is, I love you and think you are Sekxy. So don’t be feeling guilty over nothing.

Her eyes popped out and before she could speak, another kiss came from me again.
Only more hard this time around.

To my frustration, she withdrew from the kiss, stood up and poked her tongue out to me.

Knowing what she is about to do, am fully in to play with her. I dived in an effort to catch her but to my surprise, she dodged me and ran upstairs.

I quickly followed her, she opened the door to a room I guess to be her bedroom and I made it just in time before she closed the door.
Without thinking wise, I dived towards her and we both landed on her king sized bed as i attacked her with a hot kiss.

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