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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 31

I got down from the cab and with a smile on my face, these GRA self, its too beautiful.
Everywhere is neat and kept tidy.

Me: Wait a minute, how can a teacher afford to live in such a costly place like this?

I asked myself as I called Mrs Fatima, telling her that place the cab dropped me. She said I should wait there a little while which I did.

Voice: Idris!!!!!

I heard my name from my back and I turned around. I was surprise as I saw her standing in front of a gate few meters away from me.
Without wasting anytime, I walk up to her and she surprised me by giving me a tight hug. d–n, did she wear any bra? I mentally asked myself as I felt her large b0s0m pressed hard against me.

Me: good morning ma.

I greeted out as my voice came back. She was wearing a light short gown that did nothing in hiding her figure eight shape.

Mrs fatima: just call me fatima. We are not in the school premises so drop everything concerning me being our teacher outside before entering inside my house.

I smiled to myself. No blame me, you guys have watched lot of nigerian movies, especially those s-x movies, that is how it always begin. When she tells you not to call her Ma but refer to her by her name, I kinda like where this is going to but wait, what if her husband is inside?

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Me: alright fatima.

I said answer she smiled. She held my hand and we both walked inside her house. The compound was kept neat and tidy with about three cars parked at the corner.

Summoning all courage within me, I asked the number one question that has been bothering me all these while.

Me: is your husband inside?
She turned and looked at me before opening the door and ushering me inside the house. As expected, the house was tidy and kept clean, very clean with nice fragrance all over.

Fatima: he is does not stay here in Nigeria, he is into car importation and computers in China.

Me: wow, so they import car and computers from China down to Nigeria?

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Fatima: correct.

No wonder, these woman is swimming in money. That explains why she can afford an apartment here in GRA, have three cars and I guess her bank account must be GBAGAM (according to P-square)

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fatima: have a seat.
She said and I sat down at one of the sofa facing the tv. The remote was by myside so I took and tuned it over to MY TV TOONS (don’t blame me, even at this age I still love cartoons, that is after HD p–n videos).

She entered inside one of her rooms and came back with a tray of fried chicken and one chilled cartoon of hollandia yogurt.

She kept on a stool and brought it at my front and the aroma was enough to remove all shyness in my body.

Fatima: don’t tell me you still watch cartoon at this age?
She asked and my cheeks turn red.

Fatima: well that makes us even, I do love toons too.

I smiled.

Fatima: won’t you eat?
She said and I looked down at the plate, like someone as if I forgot. She knew I was shy somehow and added.

Fatima: or you won’t me to feed you?
D–n, I don’t know if she mean it or not but I rather start eating before she will harbour any idea of feeding me.

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Me: *chewing a chunk of meat* wow, very delicious . Never knew you are a great cook.

Fatima: *blush* thank you.
She also took one of the meat and started eating. She poured the yogurt into tow class cups and gave me one while she took one.

Me: where are the kids?
I asked her noticing I haven’t seen aya child since I came here.

Fatima: I don’t have any. My husband is barely at home so when do we have any chance of making babies.

I could feel the pain in her voice and knew she was s-x starved.

Me: sorry!

Fatima: no problem.

We continued watching the toon together and I was hoping she start discussing what brought me here when she surprised me. she placed her head on my shoulder and it was then I knew that she is very close to me.

I can’t help but stare at those Sekxy big laps.

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